General ramblings

Sideback kick 3

I dedicate this day to the havoc created by this stupid adware on my laptop! I dont know how did it even get downloaded. So, I switch on my laptop in the morning, and I see all kinds of stupid toolbars in the IE page, too many pop ups etc. I understood that there is some kinda virus or something. And the worst thing is that this adware wont let me run Ad-Aware to uninstall it. Also, I couldnt delete the sideback folder manually.I tried AVG, PC tools stuff and what not! I thought that I would have to reformat my laptop and lose many important files. Finally, I think of giving google a try and see if it has some solutions. And as usual, it didnt disappoint me! 🙂 I started my laptop in the safe mode and restored it to a previous system check point. Luckily, I could delete the folder now, perform an ad-aware scan and delete the remain spywares!! Thank god for that.

Lesson learnt: The importance of having a fully functional laptop!

I have started blogging at wordpress also (just one post). Im gonna decide in a few weeks if I should move to wordpress. I already like it though.

PS: My irritating student had a headache today 🙂 So he didnt speak much and left within an hour 😀 God, Im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mean (ofcourse i acted as if im really worried infront of him!! 🙂


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