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Finally, I have started considering CFA seriously again. I will give Level-I in June07. The dept. scholarship should be announced anytime soon. I dont have to spend much this way. I have been having a look at the various text books and prep courses. I guess I will go with Schweser + text books for imp. topics. I plan to seriously start studying in Sept. Im really determined to crack it.

The CFA Charter really increases your market value.  I have seen that in the Americas, an average person with an MBA earns about $118,000. If you have the CFA desgination, you earn about $188,000. 😀 Cant wait for that day..weeehhee.

Have to go to the library tomorrow to get those books for which I have been waiting since a long time. I guess the person who had issued it earlier for his/her exam has returned it (THANK GOD) and not wacked it 😦 Otherwise, there is no way that I’m gonna buy about 8 books costing $100 on an average- Esp. since I just bought my textbooks for Fall, each costing about $100 on an Average. :O


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