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Fall 2006

The Fall semester started yesterday. Has been a rat race since yesterday. im taking a total of 15 credit hours, which is the maximum allowed when you are a graduate student. Apart from that, all the crazy GA work keeps me really busy. Come back home at night, start studying for what a life..anybody would dream of living like this totallly 🙂 Well I have no complains. Esp, when I think about the monetary compensation 😀 Something or the other is needed for motivation and howevermuch you may deny, you have to admit that a BIG salary is very very essential 😉

 Anyway, Im done with Sessions 7 and 8 for now. Should have started Session 9 today. But Im a day late. Will start tomorrow first thing in the morning. Also got some college Accounting stuff done. So Im kinid of relieved. Still have some readings for Dr. Owen’s and Chang’s class to be done before 3 pm. But it shouldnt be too bad i guess. NOTHING at all seems bad after doing CFA..hahaa.

Anybody reading this blog giving CFA? Pls. share your views with me 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fall 2006

  1. hey howdy?
    u told once that u installed some kinda software that excludes ur blog from search engines like Google..
    how and where do u get it? plzz scrap me the reply

  2. oomesh says:

    hello ruhi ya saw your letter and you are doing CFA thats great i have the same objective like yours of doing CFA later after my Bsc. please can you give me a complete detail of CFA as i dont much even though i visited its site

    thanks in advance

  3. Well my primary source of information was the CFA Insti. website…plus a prof. who is a charterholder…so go read the will answer all your questions 🙂

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