What has Inflation done to us?


Source: For 1962 prices, Forbes, Nov. 1, 1977, and various government and private sources for 2002

The inflation rate fell to about 2% in the early 2000s, but this does not mean that it will not increase in the future. As a result, investors need to guard against that by making sound investments that will help us maintain our real purchasing power; else, our standard of living will decrease gradually! The above table shows what an average inflation rate of approximately 4% has done over the 1962-2002 period.


Our morning newspaper rose by 1400% :O And you thought that NY Times is Cheap??? :O


What abt the “Cheap” Hamburger from McDonald’s? Increased by 1,039% Again!!!! 😦 😦 Its time to start getting serious guys!


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