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Princess Diana Secret Tapes

I have always been an ardent admirer of Princess Diana. I still remember the day she died..I was in total shock, and was not ready to believe that a car crash had actually occured. I also remember that I had a History Exam the very next day, which didnt make things very easy for me. Anyway, some of the things that distinctly come back to my mind is the Black Mercedes, the way the hospital looked at night and most importantly, why didnt the ambulance carrying her not reach the hospital for like 1.5 hours???!! 😦 I only wish I knew the truth behind this whole thing. I dont know who is it to be blamed- whether it really was a murder(which I think it was!!!) or was it just an accident?! Why arent the French Police releasing any evidence? What will they do with those 28 volumes of evidence???!!!!

I feel strongly for her, not because she was a Royalty or anything, but because she was as human as you can get being a Royal Member. I was taking a look at some of her Secret Tape videos on Youtube yesterday and would like to share the links here- So please take a look if you want to refresh your memories.

The first one shows Prince Charles and Princess Diana with William and Harry in 1986.

Link 1- Secret Video Tape

Link 2- Secret Video Tape

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Link 7

Link 8

Link 9

Link 10

Link 11

Link 12

Link 13

Link 14

Link 15
By this time, you might have guessed that I dont need to put up any more links 😀 You can simply follow those video stamps that Youtube provides you with!


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