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Facebook Taking on New Risks

Though Facebook is still recurpurating from its “News Feed” mistake, its not scared to take up new expansions. About a week ago, Facebook had introduced its “Mini Feed” by which an user can track every small move made by other users on his/her list. I feel that this is a blatant invasion of privacy. I am also a user of Facebook, and obviously wouldnt want others to know every single thing that I have done on the website! Things like – Scrapping on other people’s wall, joining a community, attending any social event, adding anyone as a friend, tagging anybody’s photo, commenting on them etc- got collected in the Mini Feed. As a protest movement, many of us (About 750,000 users at the end of three days!!) joined a community “We are against the Mini Feed” to get our message across. Thankfully, it struck a cord with Mark Zuckerberg, who got some modifications done for his new “feature”. I saw myself staring at a huge letter right on the first page, which apologized for a big mistake on their part. As a result of these privacy features, we can now choose the things that we want to display. It’s kind of a relief, I must say!

Well, now for the latest News: Facebook is going to expand this network to those people also who are not registered in any school/university/college!!!! How different will it be from Myspace/Orkut/other online communities. The fact that these people will not be able to see your profile unless they are in your network is little compensation!! Facebook’s management didnt want to take a chance with such a bomb-kind-of news..They have delayed the launch of this new feature, though the announcement was made yesterday, Sept. 12.

I feel its a big mistake on their part. They will no longer stand out as a website only for students/alumnis/faculty members. Maybe the money that they earn from advertisements and stuff might also drop. If I were someone paying them for advertisements, then I wouldnt want to pay as much as I used to, because Facebook is no more different (in a way) from other websites. OFcourse, the network thing and privacy settings are still there, but the exclusivity isnt there anymore!

I sincerely hope they dont end up doing something wrong again. Users were tolerant once when it came to the Mini Feed thing, but they wont be tolerant again if Facebook were to make some stupid mistake.

Check out this Link on BusinessWeek.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Taking on New Risks

  1. Sam says:

    I agree with you 150% and I think that facebook is making a big mistake with their recent feature upgrades and opening up the site to the public. I must be missing something because I was under the impression that the reason most of the users loved the site was because of the closed network exclusivity?? Thankfully I read some positive news today. I just read a great article written by Pete Cahsmore over at about a new facebook competitor that he calls An Excellent Facebook Alternative…The new site is called – Check out more on this.. This new site is for college students only unlike the facebook which continues to sell out! Hopefully the word gets out that facebook has a viable alternative so they will stop acting so cocky and feel they can continue to force these changes on students…

  2. Hello Sam,

    Thank you for reading my post and sharing your views. You couldnt have been more right. Facebook is facing lots of competition these days.. I didnt know about, but there is something else called or someting…the business week article mentions it..I have provided a link in my post! Keep visiting and provide me with a link to your blog if possible 🙂 Thanks once again!

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