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For all you Sania Crazy Fans!

So what if she is no more in the Top 50..So what if she looks absolutely silly with that what if she is the next Anna Kournikova in the making(though I must admit that I prefer Anna over Sania)….Guys still droool over her..dont they? It doesnt matter that she is out of the US Open. It definitely didnt stop her from shopping and having a blast in the US. So what if she went to Taco Bell??!!!! Hahaha..You got it right..Im being every bit sarcastic here. Also, every single new mom or dad now want to name their baby girls as “Sania” :X That’s definitely some achievement for a 20 year old!!!

Here are some of her pics(Source: Rediff):

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3 thoughts on “For all you Sania Crazy Fans!

  1. Sania Mirza? Anna Kournikova?

    Where the heck is the similarity?
    Anna is pretty,Sania is not.Anna’s got Enrique Iglesias for a boyfriend,Sania hasn’t.Anna is from a country where a tennis player is born everyday,Sania is from a country where more than hundred poor people are born everyday.Sania is so totally not fit,Anna is comparatively fitter.Her looks are what made Anna popular,Sania’s achievements made her popular and yea to some extent that nosering and the negative publicity from the Muslims too.Modelling and Sex tapes are what made Anna famous,beating Kuznetsova is what made Sania famous.

    I think Sania’s better when it comes to playing tennis.It’s just that it seems she surpassed her golden period pretty fast.She broke into the top 30 which is pretty good considering all the Russian domination at the top.But why the hell am I justifying her? I hate her.

    Anna is compared with Maria Sharapova at times.When did you hear her being compared to Sania?

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