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Russian Business Culture

Official Name – The Russian Federation
Population – 143,782,338* (July 2004 est.)
Official Language – Russian
Currency – Russian rouble (RUR)
Capital city -Moscow
GDP – purchasing power parity $1.287 trillion* (2003 est.).
GDP Per Capita – purchasing power parity $8,900* (2003 est.).

  • The Russians attitude to time means that a few minutes delay on their part is of little importance. However, they will expect you to be punctual.
  • Faxes and emails are the best way to communicate in Russia, as the post can often be unreliable.

  • It is customary before making a trip to Russia to inform the prospective company of your intended business proposals and objectives.

  • The hierarchical structure in Russian business practices means that the decision makers higher up have authority over their subordinates. Showing respect for seniority and recognizing the hierarchical structure is vital for establishing and maintaining strong business relationships.

  • Personal and informal contact is a central part in doing business in Russia.

  • Physical contact during business meetings, for example a simple hand on the arm or even embracing is a positive sign.

  •  In situations of conflict try to avoid taking an official stance and remember that Russians are ‘people orientated’ and will respond to a more personal approach.


Part 2: Doing Business in Russia

  • Business cards are essential. If possible, ensure that one side is printed in Russian and one side in English.

  • Although many principal concerns are discussed in an informal environment final negotiations will be conducted in the office.

  • Signing a business contract is almost always followed by trying out some glass of vodka as it is a sign of Russian hospitality. (Source: Home Work Lang, )

Common Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO partake in small talk, which normally involves talk of family and personal matters, before dealing with business.

  • DON’T be afraid to show some emotion, the Russians won’t!

  • DO take a gift that symbolizes the stature of your company and the importance of the impending business deal, preferably an item characteristic of your local area or one that displays the company logo

  • DON’T as the Russian proverb states ‘hurry to reply’, but ‘hurry to listen’.

  • Don’t shake hands over a threshold. It is considered bad luck. It should be done either inside or outside.

  • When taking flowers as a gift you must only take an odd number. Even numbers of flowers are only given at funerals and are a sign of bad luck.

  • In business negotiations Russians view compromise as a sign of weakness.

  • Last but not the least, if you leave something behind in
    Russia it means you’re coming back.

 (Main Source for this information:Communicaid Global Communication)


2 thoughts on “Russian Business Culture

  1. Wow! A few points which really caught my attention [sumtin like `Whoa!!’]

    “The hierarchical structure………..”: Means kissing the boss’s a** will help?? Does it NOT work anywhere?! 😛

    “Physical contact during business meetings……”:Uhoh! Serious?! We shud have something like this in India as well.. 😀

  2. “Physical contact during business meetings……”:Uhoh! Serious?! We shud have something like this in India as well.. ”

    Yes, dont u wish??!! 😀 😀 Go to Russia

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