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Kareena to Marry Shahid….but sometime later

International Herald Tribune published an article yesterday saying that Kareena Kapoor plans to marry Shahid Kapoor, her boyfriend of two years, but not anytime soon. They plan to get hitched after 4 yrs or so. However, the reason for this delay in marriage was not given.

Asked for a wedding date, Kareena, 25, said: “Not for the next four years for sure.

Many of you will recall that Kareena has given lots of interviews saying that when she decides to get married, she will want to live like a “normal” house lady and may bid adieu to onscreen acting forever. But when I think about her sister Karisma Kapoor, I cant help but stifle a laugh at this kind of statement.

For once, I don’t think that its so easy to stir clear of lime light and settle in a relatively monotonous married life; the wife sits at home all day imagining her husband (in this case, Shahid Kapoor) romancing all pretty girls on extravagant sets. With the long history of failed marriages in Bollywood, we have to wait and watch how far these love birds go….any comments?

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4 thoughts on “Kareena to Marry Shahid….but sometime later

  1. I like Kareena.I don’t like Shahid though.He looks like a kid in fronta Kareena.And Kareena leading a normal life of a house lady? You got to be kidding me 😀

    I bet she’s romance all those tall,dark and handsome guys of Bollywood if Shahid’s gonna go after all the beauties.I just hope they don’t get caught on camera doing something again 😕

  2. Ish, I like her arrogance 🙂 You are right about Shahid..he actually looks like he is of your age…haha..16-18 yrs old. 🙂 I cant imagine Kareena sitting contently at home! This is ridiculous. You seem to be a hard-core bollywood fan. Have you finished watching the movies that came out this Friday btw? 😀 Or atleast got your seats reserved at a theater?

  3. I’ve been having exams,and that too,Plus One non medical and believe me,they’re shit.

    Munnabhai’s the last thing I saw.I watch a lot of movies yup,Bollywood or Hollywood,anything that comes up.I don’t even know what released this friday.I think it was this Zayed Khan movie and Bas Ek Pal..bas ek pal was last friday…brr.. my knowledge is going pretty low these days.

    Another thing,a small update to this post:-

    Kareena Kapoor celebrated her 27th birthday with boyfriend Shahid Kapur,sister Karishma,friendAmrita Arora,her sister Malaika Arora and Malaika’s hubby Arbaaz.Phew that was a long list.So this newspaper interviewed her and that’s what she said about marriage:-

    “Umm marriage yes,but not so soon.Maybe after 4-5 years”

    Shahid dude,better be careful,I don’t think she’s in a plan to marry you,so better look for a replacement lest you’ll be a 60 year old unmarried guy like our ex prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

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