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Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai (Woh Lamhe)- Kya Yeh Original Haiiiaahhh”

And our bollywood music director Pritam has done it again!! Ofcourse, he just got “influenced”..Thats the word they use to disguise the fact that its not actually inspiration, but a direct copy.. The song in question is Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai from the movie Woh Lamhe, which is a copy of the OST of the movie Peterpan -“Tak Bisakah”.

Lets take a look, shall we?

Here’s the one from Peterpan:

And our very own modified desi version:

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56 thoughts on “Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai (Woh Lamhe)- Kya Yeh Original Haiiiaahhh”

  1. I have read somewhere about copying music from western tunes (and they give a list of our wellknown music directors songs). your post adds in this list.
    Is this a chinese song?
    I am just curious….

  2. other than the song, even some of the scenes in desi version seem not-so-original..

    woman in bath tub filled with red rose petals…

    looks like ‘American Beauty’ is not the only one who can do that.

  3. You are so did remind me of American Beauty infact… let’s see when Bollywood reproduces American Beauty..that should a treat to watch! 😀

  4. Yes,that was a very neat piece of “inspiration” there but lets not forget,copy or not,how many Indians know what the hell Peter Pan is? Not more than 1%.Even though that might be a huge number considering our population but still,there will be atleast 10% people who would be liking the song.

    And in any case,copying is in our bones.Now that we’ve ran out of topics to make movies on,We’ve started making remakes ( read Don,Sholay).Similarly this so called copying has become kinda “ethical” now cause you just mention the original artist in the credits and nobody gives a damn about it.

    Everyone copies.Who hasn’t heard 5ive copying “We Will Rock You” from Queens and who hasn’t heard “Sway” from the Pussycat Dolls earlier in a movie called Sunshine something..I forgot the name but it starred Claire Forlani.

    So I think if Pritam reads this,he should just put a line in there saying “Copied from Peter Pan with due respects”.

  5. ASH says:

    yeah. We Will Rock You from 5ive is the best cover of all in music history. Everybody knows who the real artists of We Will Rock You and Sway. These copycats don’t claim those two as their composed ones. Anyway, “copied from Peterpan with due respect” sounds nice. cheers. 🙂

  6. Ish, thats sooo funny ” copied with due respects”. That should be nice. I think the copyright laws in India are not being used well, frankly speaking! Else nobody would have the guts to do what they are doing 🙂 Thank you for visiting me blog! 🙂

    Ash, I agree with you 🙂

  7. Yeah,copyright laws here in India are a mess.How else can you explain Anu Malik doing music.

    Oh well because We Will Rock You and Sway were so popular,that’s why 5ive and PCD didn’t take the risk of claiming it as their own.The Pussycat Dolls didn’t mention the original artist of Sway anywhere in their album(I saw that at Planet M).

    And I didn’t know Sway had been sung earlier too.It just happened that I ended up watching that movie.The original singer should thank Claire Forlani otherwise I would never have known and wouldve presumed it was a “good mistake” on the part of the Pussycat Dolls who can well hardly do anything other than showing skin 😐

  8. ASH says:

    Ish is right. We Will Rock You and Sway are indeed very popular ’round the world. D question is, we, who live in Malaysia and Indonesia are very used to Indian film industry. Many of us support your film industry. We see many Indian films here. We listen to many Hindi songs. SRK is very popular here. Peterpan is very popular here. It’s just a matter of time any Bollywood film would reach Malaysian/Indonesian’s screens.

    That’s why when Mann was released here, we Malaysians were so shocked to hear to one very familiar song from the movie. You know Tinak Tin Tana, it was copied from a singer named Iwan in our country. Iwan filed lawsuit and he won the case.

    So, this Pritam is not risking anything? Tak Bisakah is hell one very famous song in both country (Msia/Indonesia). He’s risking his reputation. He should know the conseqences.

    We tend to fall in love in Tak Bisakah very easily. So does this Pritam. People who don’t understand Malay/Indon language might think the cover version is better, but I definitely love the origianl one. i’m not being biased, I know many Hindi songs and i understand the language a bit.

    (Anyway, how did he get to hear Tak Bisakah? He came down to Malaysia, or Indonesia maybe? Or online? Just curious.. :P)

  9. hey ash! Thanks for your detailed reply 😛 Well I was running a search for Peterpan and came across Tak Bikasah! I love the music 🙂

    Bollywood has a big problem with getting “influenced” by others. I feeel they dont make good music without getting “influenced”. It will serve Pritam right if he gets sued!

    I didn’t know that Tinak tin tana is also a copy!! Which one is the original number? 😛 I know you are not biased against Bollywood- Else you wouldnt be reading my posts 🙂 I somehow prefer Hollywood to Bollywood. There is just too much of fantasizing in Hindi movies..haha.

    I have a lot of Malaysian/Indonesian friends. They do tell me about whats going on in your music industry 🙂 Thanks once again, do send me a link to your blog (if you have one)! 🙂

  10. Oh comeon,even Tinak Tina Tin is a copy? 😀

    Seriously man,that is lame.Perhaps all theses songs we’ve been listening to in a while from the new music directors are copies of malaysian/indonesian artists!

    I guess even Pritam was bored and looking for inspiration and ended up finding peter pan while searching for something else.Or maybe he had some Indonesian friend who innocently sent him the song.but seriously,you need to be brave to copy a popular song that blatantly.

    Now this is making me think,are we sure that Dhoom Machale was an original song? Maybe that Tata Young just told Pritam about some regional song and he copied it and made it his own.This happens only in India.

  11. Ish, maybe Tata Young composed it and Pritam bought i (for all we know!!) Anyway, it helped Tata young gain popularity in India 😀 And she is CUTE! (yes, Im a girl, still im saying this and no, im not a gay)

  12. Oh she’s damn cute,I can bet anything on that 😀

    Lol and I know you ain’t gay.Comeon we guys are so lame at times.How does appreciating the same sex make us gay?

    Oh darn,I wish I was John Abraham in that Dhoom video lol.

  13. LOL Awesome Copy again 😀

    I know Tata’s pretty popular outside.Seen her in a number of MTV Awards now.Her kinda American Accent is what puts her apart from the others.

  14. eyes_wide_shut says:

    hearing Peterpan for the first time… great performer is my very first impression… can ne1 plz tell me some of his other rocking hits…

    on a hindsight… these copycats must be given the harshest punishment… this i m saying despite being an indian!

  15. Ruhi, great find & even greater site, appreciate the efforts 🙂

    As about Indian Musicians copying I have slightly different view.
    1) Most of the times it’s the movie director who ask the composer

    2) The number of records\songs a music director ala Anu Malik & likes compose in a year is much higher than what most (not all surely) composers abroad compose in their lifetime. So quality does hamper if the quantity is so high.

    3) Most of the abroad artist does cover versions bands like Boyzone & a few others barely have song or two on their own.

    So I guess it’s universal 🙂

    Keep finding more 😀

  16. Shiva says:

    Agreed tht kya mujhe…was copied/inspired or whatever u call it but didn’t we all enjoy the song and music ? if it was not copied or inspired would we ever come to know tht such a tune existed…

  17. Annie D says:

    For crying out loud, there’s a difference between covering and ripping off. When an artist officially covers a song, they contact the owners of the song. For example, if Boyzone wants to record When The Going Gets Tough, they contact Billy Ocean and ask his permission. And then a specific percentage of the money Boyzone makes gets sent back to Billy as royalties — so the original artist who owns the song *still* gets a little profit.

    Pritam did not ask for permission and he is not paying royalties to Peterpan.

  18. niroj says:

    i m niroj shrestha from nepal and i wanna tell that i really liked film guru n i wanna tell best of luck in up coming days

  19. gertha says:

    This is so damn piracy ! why always become a copy cat ? no shame at all. this song is originaly from Peter Pan-Tak Bisakah [indonesian] OST. Alexandria…
    we can sue this bloody crap !

  20. Hacker Virus says:

    I pity the state of indian film and film songs. This songs is clear indication of plagarism termed by music directors as remix, inspiration and what not. Not to forget another song….pal pal pal from lagey raho munnabhai…a direct lift from Theme for a Dream-Cliff Richard (1961). Theme…. is my fav song and hear it atleast once a day….but was shocked to hear the copied version(or should I say insipiration….. 😦 ). Has bollywood run out of fresh ideas. Even movies are not spared (don,sholay).
    On a second note, I am thinking of quitting my current job n becoming a music director or film director. Simply, pick up a classic, some beautiful babes, some rock music effects, some f**king,non-sense love story n VOILA !!! I have a bollywood movie ready.

  21. Dika Maheswara says:

    Lol , i heard on receiving the news that one of their song was copied , peterpan guys were like “whatever” , pretty much clear they are true artist and i love their songs which includes
    ada apa denganmu
    bintang di surga
    mungkin nanti
    di atas normal
    btw im indonesian born indian who lives in india and was astonished at the way the music was copied exactly with almost no change other than lyrics

  22. Anna says:

    That is so cool! Great website! Anyway, I found something else. There is an album named “Monkey Business” by Black Eyed Peas. I was listening to their music and came across the track “Don’t Phunk With My Heart”. The intro music is EXACTLY the same as the song from “Don”, namely “Yeh Mera Dil”. At first I thought that Yeh Mera Dil is copied from the monkey business song. However, I checked it out and actually, “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” copied the Yeh Mera Dil from the FIRST Don (the remake’s Yeh Mera Dil was the same from the first).
    So that’s the opposite, eh?

  23. Anna says:

    Oh and I have something to add on to the 9th comment (ruhi’s). Did you ever realise that you can find almost all the hindi movies on the web? But when you search for english ones, you cant find any? both have copyright laws. but no one takes the hindi ones seriously!! they should give higher penalties you know… but on second thought… NAH!! free movies okay!! 😛

  24. mini says:

    oh man!!!! i dnt believe this…how damn convenient..tu just pic up a song in an unfamiliar language..copy the song note to note…and pose as if the great tune was ur own brainwave!!i mean if u werent smart enuff to create a tune of ur own…mite as well give credit to the original composers..!!SUCKERS!!thx for the post!!was really enlightening!

  25. supercheapcamera2 says:

    Malaysia and Indonesia are world famous for piracy. So they cannot morally complain about other people stealing from them.

    As for copyright laws they are nearly same worldwide but in Malaysia and Indonesia nobody cares.

  26. madz says:

    hey man, piracy and plagiarism is different. I dare to say that Indonesian artist has compose original music and produce good movies (movie means those who screened on cinema, not tv series), because they’re really artist, who value artwork more than royalty.

    It’s different compared to Indonesian drama series, because drama series is produced by production house who only want to gain profit as much as possible, thus they see drama not as art, but as a mean to gain money, that’s why some of them steal other idea from successfull drama (usually korean, japanese or taiwanese drama) and package it in Indonesian way (thinking that it will be as success as the original one). Well, probably many Indonesian haven’t had chances to watch foreign drama, but those who are fans of those foreign drama will be able to recognize it quickly.

  27. indi says:

    wow you posted this more than a year ago, but still swarmed by replies. BTW, do you know that Pritam once again copied Peterpan’s song? This time it’s Aao Milo Chalo from the movie Jab we met. It’s a copy of Peterpan’s song “Di Belakangku” which surprisingly come from the same album of Tak Bisakah, the OST of movie “Alexandria”, Peterpan’s third album.
    If I ever met Pritam, I will tell him to at least acknowledge Peterpan as the original composer (and it would be much better if he pays the royalty to Peterpan). BTW, if he ever to copy another song from Peterpan, I would suggest him to check out their second album. That one is full with beautiful and catchy music, guaranteed people will love them. In Indonesia alone their second album was sold more than 3,5 million copies. Not to mention the sales in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

  28. rocky says:

    IF I ever meet pritam, i will first SLAP him blind and then ask him WHY he could not show some respect by crediting the original composer. the other so called artist which boils my blood is sanjay gupta. i mite even go to the extent of breaking his bones. not only for ‘Zinda’ but also for ‘Atish’ . an almost ditto remake of ‘A Better Tomorrow’.


    Ruhi: Rocky, no swear words, please!

  29. Ikyul- Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Good to read that you know about Bollywood music! Quite surprising. Unfortunately, lots of Hindi songs are copies of international songs.

  30. :) my fav song is soundtrack of KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA movie, i dont know the title, but i can sing it ;p (where’s the party tonight,on the dance floor….) i only know a bit lyric:)

  31. Heh..yes, that number is quite catchy. Do you understand Hindi at all? I didn’t know that Bollywood is so famous even in Malaysia! Happy to know that. 🙂

  32. Joey says:

    well what can i say…. d indonesian one is cool and even d indian 1 is sexy. It dosen matter even if it hs been copied cuz d music director of dis song has made many changes also after all its made into our beautiful hindi language and also he has put in a few nice beats which makes d song even more prettier. The music Director has just taken the next beautiful step in making this song even more gorgeous


  33. “Now this is making me think,are we sure that Dhoom Machale was an original song?”

    You won’t believe this but Dhoom Machale, the song which rocked India and other neighbouring countries, was copied too~!

    Check out these videos on YouTube (click on the link or copy paste it onto your browser):

    Next time I hear Pritam’s music, I would think, “I wonder which song THIS one was ripped of from…”

    It’s not right~! Copy not right~!

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