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Mallika Sherawat is Eternally Young!

Can you by any chance identify who this lady is? Yes, now you can (since you read my heading, which is a spoiler!!) Okay, let me ask you another question- Can you guess Mallika’s current age? Yes, yes, we know she says its 25. She is stuck at 25 now, isnt it? Since exactly how many years is she 25? Mumbai Mirror reports that if Mallika was atleast 18 when the above picture was taken in 1995, then she must be atleast 30+ now!

Star plus had also aired a program in India regarding this…it seems that she was 23 or something in 1994 when she was a flight stewart with Air India. This is news to me!!!!! 😛 😀 And here we had Mallika telling people that she ran away from her home in Haryana to pursue a career in Bollywood. In another post, I also wrote that she was supposedly married to a Capt. Gill from Delhi. This cant get funnier!!!!

All these Bollywood posts are making me feel like I’m a news reporter or something. Have to stop posting Bollywood news now!

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5 thoughts on “Mallika Sherawat is Eternally Young!

  1. Ankit says:

    Ya i think that you should stop it to unless you want to be get caught on infringement rights. But if you want to climb charts and increase hits, keep going haha. 🙂 People love bollywood masala! (I’m nt in tht people hehe)

  2. Whetever Mallika’s age, she still is hott! When ppl can ogle at Rekha [Nope I dont ogle at both :D], Mallika whether 30 or 40, will still enthuse men of all ages! 😉

    Totally second Ankit. U shud continue posting on Boll gossip. We need more!!

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