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So who made it to the Guiness?

How many of us actually go to the Guiness Book of World Records and check out the latest additions? 🙂 Well, I happened to feel curious enough to do it today!! I have a small list here; there are some interesting finds too! 🙂

Longest Running Animated TV Series:

Oh well, this one is easy! No, not friends, but SIMPSONS!! It first aired on Dec 17,1989 and the show entered its 17th season in Sept. 2005. Well, Im a big fan of Homer (just like anyone else!) The Simpsons movie will be out in July 2007!

Highest Ever Annual Earnings for a TV Star

Who else but our very own Jerry Seinfeild 😛

Jerry Seinfeld earned an estimated $267 million in 1998 according to the 1999 Forbes Celebrity 100 list, the highest annual earnings ever by a television or film actor. His show Seinfeld hit TV screens in 1990. Within three years, it became a huge hit around the world and by 1997 Seinfeld was the highest paid actor with $1,000,000 per episode.

Highest Box Office Gross- Comedy

Home Alone (USA, 1990), starring Macaulay Culkin (b. August 26, 1980), is the highest ranking comedy, taking $533.8 million at the international box office and ranking 14th overall.

Fastest $100 million Film Gross- Animation

Finding Nemo (USA 2003), the computer-animated film from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios which cost US$94 million (then £78.9 million) to make, reached the US$100 million mark at the US box office in eight days from its release on 30 May 2003 at 3,374 cinemas.

Who can forget Dory and her forgetfulness? 😛

Most Searched for TV Show on Google:

According to Google – the world’s largest search engine – the most searched-for TV show on the internet between December 2001 and December 2002 was The Simpsons.

The top 10 TV show searches during this period were:

1. The Simpsons
2. Big Brother
3. Osbournes
4. South Park
5. Spongebob
6. Anna Nicole Smith
7. Sopranos
8. American Idol
9. Popstars
10. Eastenders

Best Selling Album in the US By a Female Artist:

Canadian country singer Shania Twain’s album Come On Over has sold a total of 19 million copies in the USA, since its release on November 4, 1997 and 30 million worldwide.

This one is my Absolute Favorite 😛


Okay, let’s take a wild guess here, shall we? Who else, but ELVIS PRESLEY!!!!

There are more than 613 active Elvis Presley fan clubs worldwide, accounting for a total membership 510,489.


This is another easy one 😛 ======== THE BEATLES!!!


The Diary of Anne Frank!! I read this a long time ago as a kid. Saw the movie a couple of weeks back. However, I feel that the book is much much better than the book (As always is the case, I guess)

The Diary of Anne Frank has sold more than 25 million copies and has been translated into 55 languages


The oldest Sunday newspaper is the Observer, a British paper which was first issued on December 4, 1791. George Orwell is just one of the many famous writers to have graced the pages of the Observer.

I wonder if you guys have read ” The Animal Farm” or “1984” by George Orwell. I think they are amazing..they are a satire on the Russian Federation. Its a must read book 😛 Esp, The Animal Farm, where Orwell talks depicts the life in the Russian Federation in the late 19th and early 20th century through a stable of animals.


Hint: You will be taken to Azkaban where the Dementors will give you their famous kiss if you cant answer this one!

HARRY POTTER ofcourse 😛

According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2002, Harry Potter author J K Rowling’s net worth increased from £65 million ($93 million) in 2001 to £226.
Rowling’s fortune now makes her Britain’s wealthiest woman in showbiz – and she sits 11 places above Queen Elizabeth II!


There is a tie here: JM Coetzee ( Disgrace, Life and Times of Michael K) and Peter Carey (Oscar and Lucinda, True History of the Kelly Gang).

Well the funny thing is that the Guiness Book website hasn’t updated this fact. They have only mentioned Coetzee. But having read all these books, I know it for sure that Peter Carey has also won two Bookers. You can check it out for yourself in Wikipedia or the Booker Prize website.


The news agency, Associated Press (AP), founded in 1848, has received 45 Pulitzer Prizes – more than any other news gathering organization.

Well there are many more interesting facts. You can check them out on the website 😛

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5 thoughts on “So who made it to the Guiness?

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  2. sruti says:

    hi, im sorry but isnt Arthur from PBS Kids, USA the longest running animation, by Mark Brown. They started out as books and the show ran for fifty years. the joke is he was in fifth grade for fifty years. but maybe im thinking that they’ve aired it that long, i might be wrong.

  3. sruti says:

    hi, im sorry but isnt Arthur from PBS Kids, USA the longest running animation, by Mark Brown. They started out as books and the show ran for fifty years. the joke is he was in third grade for fifty years. but maybe im thinking that they’ve aired it that long, i might be wrong.

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    But they were just one people left , he was anne father.

    i love u anne frank


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