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How does Lalu’s Windows User Account look?

Interesting eh? I wonder if his “bhaiiss” can read and write..I guess they can..afterall,they have their own windows accounts 😛 😀

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10 thoughts on “How does Lalu’s Windows User Account look?

  1. Atisuksham Naram..
    It was a while before I took notice on that..

    Micro Soft..

    FYI, I installed microsoft bhasha on my computer and all my menu options are in Hindi..! But looking at this, may be I installed the wrong package!

  2. Ohh I never noticed that..actually I noticed it, but couldn’t read it..hahaha..takes me a long time to try and read hindi.

    How ironical is this? Hindi is our official language, and most of us are pathetic when it comes to reading…I mean atleast the current generation 😛

    Btw, yes, I think you need to re-install your windows 😛

  3. Veyr nice and very funny…I hope Lalu Baiswa will read windows account..Waise bhi Baise ke aage been bajoyega to sona nahi deti…so if baiswa didnt understand the account then also its cool atleast Lalu and Rabri are there for help:) 24/7 support…ehehe

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