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Memories of Anne Frank

Anne Frank probably doesn’t even need an introduction. I, for sure, won’t be able to write one. When I was in about 7th grade in school, I read her Diary for the first time. It didnt affect me too much then. Having grown since then, I understand things better and appreciate the lessons taught to mankind by history. It certainly makes me feel lucky for taking birth in a country, where there were no more wars going on. I feel special for living all these years without knowing the misery of staying locked up in a small annex for 25 months, with minimal noise. I can never imagine what life would be if I were sent to a concentration camp, knowing too well that death is not far, and each day should be cherished. Who knows which might be the last?

In my previous post, I mentioned that according to The Guiness Book of World Records, her Diary is the most read in the entire world.

The Official Anne Frank Website takes you on a painful trip to the life and times of Second World War, as seen from the innocent eyes of Anne Frank.

There is too much to write and I couldnt possibly do justice to it in a blog post. Here are some pictures that I liked:

The Hiding Place

The Attic of the Secret Annex

The Attic of the Secret Annex

Anne's Room in the Annex

Anne’s Room in the Annex

The Movable Book Case that covered the Secret Annex

The Movable Book Case that covered the Secret Annex

Jews, who are summoned, receive this document from the Central Office of Jewish Emigration: an exact list of what they are allowed to bring with them. It also indicates when they must depart.

Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam

This hiding place is in a crawl space under the floor.

The Frank Family

The Frank Family

Prisoners working at  Neuengamme concentration camp.

Prisoners working at Neuengamme concentration camp

Prisoners at Bergen-Belson: This is where Anne Frank was sent with her sister Margo

Prisoners at Bergen-Belson: This is where Anne Frank was sent with her sister Margo.

The Nazi’s doctors determine which prisoners will be killed immediately.

“First, Margot had fallen out of bed onto the stone floor. She couldn’t get up anymore. Anne died a day later.”

Janny Brilleslijper provided an eyewitness account of the deaths of Margot and Anne Frank in Bergen-Belsen.

You can also check out the only Moving Image of Anne Frank here

Lastly, the Film Footage of the Chestnut Tree, which was visible from the annex.

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20 thoughts on “Memories of Anne Frank

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  2. saji says:

    the hardships european Jews (like Anne and her family) had to endure under Nazis in concentration camps, moves you to tears if you watch Spielberg’s “Schindler’s list”.

  3. Ramil R. says:

    As a Jew i cannot say that there is anything wrong with the Anne Frank story, but it in no way can symbolize the terrors and trouble of the holocaust, for this story is only a feather next to boulders of Holocaust horrors.

    • I cannot phantom what was in a madmans mind to do this to human beings. and how would he get his shoulders to participate so readily. everyone should have stood against him immediately but they didnt. The Horror those innocent people indured. Had I been there, I would have did everything I could to protect them. I would hid them out all over the areas and not ever tell of their whereabouts. One things for sure. Old Hitlers burning in hell right now, being starved and beaten endlessly.

  4. Ramil,

    Thank you for your comment. I know what you mean about Anne Frank. Probably hers is the story that became famous because of the Diary. I have seen lots of movies on Holocaust (which are also only partially true I guess) and read accounts about what really happened. The internet is filled with these. Probably I can never read enough about it. Do you have a blog about it?

    • Shuttle says:

      If you need to read more on the holocaust, then find a book called “The World of My Past” by Abraham Biderman. Harrowing, condemning – not only to the nazis, but also the other countries, organisations and religions (namely the catholic church) who turned their backs on the doom visited upon the Jews. Written on the 50th anniversary of his mother’s death to fulfil a promise made to her the last time he saw her in the concentration camps. Her last words to him were “Remember. Remember what they did to us”.

  5. elide yensibeth gonzalez says:

    life was unfair ………
    but lets pray for this never to happen agin………
    we all need to be equal no mateer what……. amen….

  6. Bryonie Sorby says:

    I think the most intresting part of history is the holocaust…
    not in a sick way beacause i really have an amazing intrest in anne frank
    shes my idol due to the fact she was constantly optimistic
    i really want to read her diary does anyone have any idea where i can get a copy of it?

    i would really appriciate it because my school would benefit from it too.

    And anne frank DIDNOT die a day after her sister…it was 5 days after and she died off typhus…
    she was noticed to be moping around unlike usuall…
    from the day her sister died it was only amatter of time before she gave up all hope…
    and when she did she died…due to becoming a pesemist because she thought all of her family where dead.

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  8. james says:

    damn my grandpa was a nazi if only he knew about the conncentration camps at the time he still has remorse for the jews. he was brainwashed to bad it takes something like the holocaust to show him the error of his ways

  9. anne's admirer says:

    anne frank’s diary provides us an extraordinary account of the difficulties faced by jews then..
    whereas these posts provide images of thosetimes..

  10. MOHD NAMSEER says:

    i dont know what to say about this,when i read the diary of anne frank it really touched my i decided to write a doccumentary of “ANNE FRANK” wish i can complete it in a good way.only i can do is that to “PRAY FOR HER”.

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