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Modern Mathematics

Amazing huh?! Got this one as an email forward.

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6 thoughts on “Modern Mathematics

  1. woman=time*money

    I guess the assumption here is woman would TAKE all your time and money away

    so in the final result
    Does that mean she would TAKE all my problems away???

    and if it means she would BRING IN lot of problems, then I really do not mind problems as long as

    woman=money*money !!

    In either case, this woman sounds interesting..
    where do I find one??

  2. Tismarkhan,

    You way of looking at a simple equation is soo unique??!!! Hehehee….I will ask the person who forwarded this to me whether you can find such a woman.

    Say that to your girlfriend and she will kick you!

  3. We actually posted the same thing on the bulletin board of our class 😀

    The girls were furious lol.I bet they’d be even more furious seeing a female posting this 😛

    I hate math but yea I love women,who doesnt?

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