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Song: Tere Bin Movie: Bas Ek Pal

I can’t stop humming this song these days.. I love the way Atif Aslam sings it…. 😀 😛 Haven’t yet watched the movie though… Im inclined to believe that since Urmila Matondkar is in the movie, it should be worth a watch.

You can listen to it here

The video is right here-

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123 thoughts on “Song: Tere Bin Movie: Bas Ek Pal

  1. Muvie is flop now and will be soon taken out of cinemas. But the music is awasome….I really like the album and all songs are just fantastic. Mithun (not actor but music composer) in its debut album has done a great job.

  2. Hey awesome song and finally something which is not a copy 😀

    Actually,I bet this is a copy too cause the guy who has sung it is Atif Aslam,who was formerly a member of this band Jal but then he left and stole all the compositions.This might be one too.

    You do know the famous Woh Lamhe from Zeher and Aadat from another movie..I’ve forgotten the name.Both the songs were stolen from Jal and then sung by Atif Aslam.
    So you can have two versions of Aadat and Woh Lamhe too.

  3. Ish, your knowledge on bollywood is commendable 🙂 Maybe you can write a post on this stuff! 🙂 Well I dint know that Woh lamhe is a COPY!! 😦 Dammit
    I think tere bin might be a copy too…its impossible for indian music directors to compose anything original 🙂

  4. You’re right.But well you can’t blame Indian music directors for Woh Lamhe,cause those were Pakistani’s and we know how they are.Hiding Bin Laden and all 😐

    Yea,I watch a lot of bollywood. 😀

    I’d be happy if I can find some other country copying our songs rather than we doing it all the time.

  5. dreamweaver says:

    song tere bin is far the copying of songs by atif is concerned.its not true.he was co-composer+singer of woh lamhay and he had the right to use it with his name .
    bin-laden….dont say things cant provide proof for.

  6. krithika, your internet is slow then 🙂 It has nothing to do with my blog. It loads fine here and nobody else has complained before. And the link is not for “show”. It works just fine.

  7. “bin-laden….dont say things cant provide proof for.”

    I agree with dreamweaver here. Its better not to pass judgements. Besides my post has nothing to do with terrorism or politics.

  8. kedar says:

    Tere Bin is an absolutely beautiful composition, one of those numbers you can’t stop humming…and Urmila looks amazingly hot, been a fan since days of Rangeela.
    BTW, for you remix fans out there, if you wanna hear a nice house remix of Tere Bin, goto remixes forum, find the link for Remixes by DJ Rikky.

  9. i liked dis song…tere bin..hey guys its realllly a damn good song but i wanna ask to sweety y u didnt like dis song….may b some reason now u gotta let me know dat……..waitin for reply..
    keep rockin guys

  10. dis msg for Ruhi………hey Ruhi wassup…
    its seems like dat u r interested much in u told bout bin-laden….do u think is he more somewhere in d world……

  11. hey guys do u ve heard songs from jal album….if nt just try it at once i make u sure u ll really like dat also as mch as u liked tere bin……..

  12. Sanjay,
    you need to go to presentation->sidebar widgets->drag the blog stats widgets to the sidebar. Thats it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


    Sure, ill try to listen to the jal album..

    I dont know about Bin laden really..i prefer not commenting abt him now..haha. Afterall, this post has nothing to do with laden 🙂 So, do you have a blog? Leave me a link next time you visit! And thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  13. I have listened to the whole of the Jal album and yes the songs are very good in my opinion too.I would advice anyone to try it.

    The straightforward reason for “Tere Bin” likers liking Jal too is that this song Tere Bin has been sung by a guy called Atif Aslam.And Atif happens to be a former Jal member himself.So the kind of singing and music is the same.

  14. Sure!! I’d love to chat in private rooms with everyone who likes this song. Why do you think i posted it? This blog is finally paying off!!


  15. ish,

    why not!! That sounds like a brilliant idea ! and if the turn out is pretty big, then i can finally shut this blog right? Now I know why I need to blog about my so-called “interests”.

  16. Ruhi,

    Too bad they don’t allow User-Created rooms on Yahoo! anymore but yea we could invite friends in a Conference or something of that sort.I’ll need your Yahoo ID(if you have one,of course you do,everyone does :P)


    No we aren’t mocking your feelings.We are genuine Tere Bin lovers.I even have that song in my MP3 Player and on CD too.So dontcha think on the lines you currently are.

  17. Annonymous says:


    I listen songs rearly, becuase I dont get so much time, but this song makes me listen it again and again.
    One of beauty of this song is, its full of emotions even it doesnt says any word about physical interaction with lover.

    Sound, Music, and Lyrics are awesome. The director of movie (Mahesh Bhatt) was accused of being pro-Pakistani and a pakistan-symphatizer, as he has called some Pakistani rock-band/singer second time.
    In my point-of-view making a good movie/song is always a primary concern.
    Also I dont feel like any conflict with Pakistan, its all Politics which is keeping two nations separate.

    All the best

  18. Annonymous says:

    few comments about other songs from Atif Aslam.

    His aadat and lamhay songs are orginal. He was co-founder of Pakistani band Jal, when he was doing Bachlors of Computer Science in Punjab, Pak. After few years (i think 2 years) he left the band. The Jal songs has some copyright issues definately – but it doesnt mean he was not involved in creation of these songs, thus cant be regarded as copier.
    He has put some of songs of Jal in his own album Jal-Pari.

    Recently Atif has been called by some Hollywood film maker, probably he will be having a small role in movie as well.

  19. @Annonymous/Anonymous

    Atif in a Hollywood movie? He’s not that good looking or something but anyway we can explain that because Hollywood guys always take people like Irrfan Khan and Rahul Bose in their movies and they aren’t exactly good looking either.

    Agreed Atif had a role in making those songs but he can’t just go around singing them for someone else without the other members’ permission.That’s not done.He simply stole like half of the money Jal could’ve made if people heard those songs from them first.

  20. Annonymous says:

    Reply to ish

    Yes its confirm that he is going for some Hollywood movie, but his main contribution would be singing. He would be having a SMALL ROLE – just to make most out of his trip.
    Also, I think he is not that bad looking, please have a look to wallpapers on his official website

    Yes I agree with you, and the case is still on.
    In my last post, I emphasized on the difference between coping and using the content which has shared copyright. Some of friends here used the word COPING, which is completly un-suitable.

    He is a talented aritist and he will keep on make his ways towards success.
    The song tere-bin and his near future work in Hollywood is an instance of his progress

    Kind Regards

  21. @Annonymous

    Yes,I know he is decent looking.I have seen him in the “Tere Bin” video but anyways,it’s good an eastern artist will sing for Hollywood.I don’t have any problems with that.


    Congratulations ,this post was on the top posts on Friday,20 October,2006 @9:21 am Indian time.

  22. Rohail says:

    All songs of atif aslam are very nice…every thing is good music,voice,songs and singer as well.

    In quit short time he becom very popular..

  23. SoniKuri06 says:

    wow i love this song soo much and im indian punjabi and i been reading all these comments and honestly Atif Aslam is a great singer…and coming from an indian family i kno many people judge him and say he is a bad singer….just because he is pakistani so there is always that and i watch sa rai gama pa or how eva u spell it on zee-tv and i swear i love all of atif aslams songs there great and have soo much meaning behind them and that is what is so beautiful…..but gettin bak to my point there are so many profession indian singers on that show…that her judges or the people who come and sing…..many times people have sang atif’s songs and the judges have been so rude about it like talkin about omg quote on quote….for the adaat song a judge said….to a contestant singing that song son i dont kno who sang this song but it is horrible u sang it so much better then him… just trying to say there is soo much hate and it annoys me indian people stil have so much hate for pakistani people but yet they are willin to let him sing for indian movies i just dont get it

  24. Annonymous says:

    I like to keep information about famous personalities, from Scientist to Artist.
    I am Annonymous, but either male or female indeed … lolz – Just a joke.
    I am a boy living in Australia

    I Realy appreciate your comments.
    I have seen many indians and Pakistanis living together (while being students) in overseas. Unfortunetly people understand all this politics only when, they come out from there nutshell.


  25. Rohail says:

    @Soni Kuri..
    You r right..the way he sung aadat song(the origional one) with lot of pain ..the song aadat has a big meaning. just listen to his another song ”yaqeen”m sure u vl like it.

  26. SoniKuri06 says:

    Yeah they do…….but like i said im indian and i live in America and i have a b/f who is from pakistan so yeah……i just cant stand all the hate u kno!!

  27. SoniKuri06 says:

    Oh yeah for Ish……. wht is ur problem lol haha Atif is a good singer and makes good music who cares where he got it from even tho he aint still it from no where its his music!!

  28. sonikuri06,

    thank you for taking a look at my blog 🙂 i agree with you on the india-pakistan bit btw. I have some pakistani friends too. we should keep politics and personal lives seperate!

  29. —Atif iz da best—–
    I will just say tht atif songs tell the inner feelings of every loving heart want to say to his/her love one…n have no words to describe tht how his album is i think words felt shorter when its abt comments on his songs..
    esp when u want 2 xpress ur feelings infront of ne 1.
    Jal is nice band too..

  30. M0st Wanted says:

    No doubt ”JAL” is one of the best band..(Atif s x band) from my point of view wil say tht jal band is incomplet wid out atif & atif is incomplet wid out JAL..
    The CD includes 10 songs and 2 Instrumentals [Panchi & Lamhay]

    Comming to Aadat by Jal, First song is RANGON MEIN done nicely but I liked teh unplugged version better! Then comes the sweetest song WO LAMHAY. Atif has made thsi song a Dance Number but Jal’s ballad mode surely steals the scene.

    IK DIN AYEGA, one of the song which proves who wrote the songs they are fighting for! its a nice song and nice music. Listen to it again and again! PANCHI is a good song, music is nice and lyrics are normal average. BIKHRA HUN MEIN or what i call Aadat – 2 was stunning, I didnt expect Farhan’s vocals to be so perfect in it. The lyrics were nice and the guitars was superb.

    TERI YAAD happens to be a very cute song ‘teri yaad aye jab mujh ko mein laut aaonga’. DIL HARAY is a song that even Atif’s fans agree to be outstandingly done by Goher. His vocals are really nice and suit the lyrics and music is done well.

  31. !! Cooool RIA !! says:

    hiiii frns…..
    TERE BIN….. is a beautiful.. song…
    its awesome………i lllove Tere Bin m jst crazzyyyy abt it……… its the bbbessttt…… It makes my heart melt…..
    n heyy guys… its an awesome idea to make a chat room for TERE BIN LOVERS…!!!!!

  32. nicky says:

    Its such a great song!!! i luv it!! and ur website is Awesome!! this song is sooo god that my heart melts l luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Another_Indian_Fan says:

    To SoniKuri06:

    The song is good no doubt, i liked it too (im listening to it as i type this message), but,and this is a big BUT, dont ask Indians to start liking pakis just becuase one song happens to be a good one, if only you knew how Pakistan is trying every means possible, to harm India and Indians from north to south, it is no longer just confined to Kashmir anymore. So be a bit more mature when making such immature, insensitive comments.

  34. Darn,I should’ve checked the comments earlier.Some people needed replies from me.

    I’m a male.You think I’m lovely?! haha thanks.

    I don’t have anything against Atif as such.Sorry to have hurt your sentiments if I did.It was just a general comment that most of the good songs are turning out to be copies of songs from overseas.It was just supposed to be ironical,nothing else.It’s nothing about him being a Pakistani.I too like Pakistani singers/bands and want that both the countries should live in peace.

  35. DEEPIKA ARORA says:

    ahhh…..tere bin….its ann awesome songgg…i jstttt luvv it….its dah bst………asif aslam…is a gr8 singer………so swttt….

  36. adila says:

    i love the song and the movie.the words describe his feelings and make us feel more or less the same its really amazing, fantastic and melodious.

  37. nidz says:

    i love yakeen…i heard it like 3 months batck and itz still one of my fav songs….atif has a real deep voice whish suits da kinda songs he sings..!!i wish he were still wid jal..all of em together wud really b able to create magic…

    also,can some1 tell me y he actually left the band?

  38. bulbul says:

    life without u (jal) is like the sky without sun. farhan u r a great artist. just rock u r life. every one is just crazy about .me in first

  39. Jasmine says:

    Asalam-o-Alikum Atif Hw r u??I hope f9…Aap say baas yehi kahna ha tht U Rocksssssssssssssssssssss I love ur all Songs.Plz gve me ur Id mein kaab say kahaan kahaan say maang rahi hoon.Plz aap Comments Replzy kiya karain…Ok Take Care agar Atif aap ko doobara say aapna Band banana ho to plz DNT 4GET ME.Ok Take Care Allah Haffiz.Best Of Luck……….God Bless U……………..BYE

  40. muskaan says:

    i love u jal,
    love u love u love u,
    i really love u jal ,
    really really really.
    .i am crazy about jal,
    crazy crazy crazy,
    i am really crazy about jal,
    really really really
    farhan voice is sweet,
    gohar is cool,
    shazi is stilish.

  41. AMRITA ARORA(!! Cooool RIA !!) says:

    HEY..cummon… guys…… Mr/miss “MOST WANTED” IS absolutely right…… TERE BIN IS A BEAUTIFUL… N LOVELY SONG……. dere’s nothin to argue abt…..

  42. riya says:

    i lve dis song vry mch ………….. i jst cant imagine how much……….. i ill always b huming dis sng its a g8 song……………****** i am lov’ing it******

  43. You bet he does lol.You’ve already seen that in my Atif Aslam-Doorie post as well and anyway that’s exactly the reason I made that post 😛

  44. summi says:

    Oh god!!! Somebody save me….i have been humming, singing, and even shouting out load this song since morning. Am going crazy!! Making every1 arnd me crazy too.

    But i must say, this is one great song . The way Atif has sung it…wow…Something about the song, the wordings or the singer, i dont know, emotes our inner feelings!!!

  45. Thakur says:

    Kia bakwas hai……par song acha hai…bas thora lyrics
    acha hota to and thora gaya dang se hota … to badlana he chaheye tha…….

    Jokes apart ..gr8 song….

  46. rija says:

    i am rija ur biggest fan ever
    i swear u sing so sweet that 4 a moment i think that all my problem r end ur voice is really sweet
    my whole family likes u alot

  47. shashank says:

    the most enthralling n enchanting song of the year
    really atif has got the key to hit the right nerves of
    people,atif who has been singing for mahesh bhatt camp has recently signed contract with tips,good news na….
    the sufi touch dat he carries in his voice with
    shrill escalating effect enough to wake dead people out of their graves……………………
    really tere bin has such an ecstacy thet none one would
    be left without soul untouched

  48. shashank says:

    dere is a new singer rajeev who has jst sung
    his first debut song aap ki talaaash
    really frns listen dat ,song is really cool n has been
    appreciated for its mesmerising effect on listeners
    soon dis new kid on the block is going to launch his foray
    plzz listen to his album
    “garam aag”

  49. shashank says:

    wat u people say bout jal’s lead singer
    farhaan shahid…….
    listen to his song “teri yaad’
    surely u people would love it……

  50. khushboo says:

    Oh dear friends!

    I have missed chit-chatting with you all. Shashank, I must tell you, I listened to that song and I thought it was just lovely.

  51. AMRITA ARORA (!! Cooool RIA !!) says:

    Hey Mr most wanted oh sryy MR Ali…..
    4 ur kinda info…
    i clearly rote.. dere Mr / miss
    i hope u kno the meaning of “slash”
    m nat the sis of malaika…….
    whtz ur last name?? by the way………….

  52. himanshu says:

    atif has always proven his mettle with the release of every album and doorie and tere bin were no exceptions to it. woh lamhay, aadat were a couple of masterpieces whiuch you will come accross very frequently hereafter…. cheers to atif!!!

  53. Dheeraj says:

    Hey this songs makes me go back to India where my Girl Friend is waiting for me and i am going to meet her after 4 months.

    Hey I really really love her

  54. piccolina says:

    woooooooooooonderfuuuuuuuuuuul song….
    now ican understand the words coz i’ve translated it in english…i’m italian…..i’m waiting here my indian Boyfriend…i love him too too too too much,really… miss u my sweet angel… lots of kisses

  55. kushboo says:

    Hi, I’m very sorry I have not been in touch with you all. You all are my dearest friends and I wish that I could know wher you are from. We shall all have a lovely chit chat over a cup of chai. I am currently residing in Bangalore and would love to meet with all of you lovely people.

  56. kushboo says:

    piccolina you should not be expressing your feelings like that in public you know. It makes a very bad influence for our young generation who is becoming mre and more westernized and loosing touch with their roots in the indian culture. we are very educatd individuals and would not like for our religion and beliefs to extinguish.
    I love you all as you are all my Indian brothers and sisters.

  57. shahab says:

    Hi buddy kasam se ye song dil ko cho jata hai maine abi tak nahi suna tha but jab meri G.F ne bola to maine bhi ye song suna,…..
    would u belive i have heard this song three days continue
    really {{{MARBALES}}

  58. MONIS says:


  59. aaabbbccc says:

    i am an indian in australia and i love atif’s songs and especially tere bin. they have so much emotion in it and the way he sings the songs is mind-blowing. and in these days he is so popular among my friends. they are mumbling words of tere bin in classes.

  60. Lorraine says:

    I also love this song – I am normal english person – but it is soooooo romantic – I love the backing – I love the voice and melody too – do not know what the words mean but I don’t care – I will buy it ! we need more music like this ……

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