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I had a good day blog-wise. I’m sure you have seen these kinds of posts in other blog, or perhaps you have written one yourself. I used to get excited when I had even 200 visitors. Today has been my best day so far. I had 545 hits!! I would like to thank every one who visits this blog 🙂

Many of you might be wondering that why exactly is the URL When I started blogging, I had no intention of writing for anybody else except for myself. It was more like a personal diary (yeah, a public personal diary..hahaha). I wanted to keep a record of what I was doing everyday. I did have a couple of protected entries too. But then I realised that there is not much point keeping posts that are password protected! People don’t like that. You can see for yourself the number of people who visited my blog then! (If I got 2-3 visitors, I regarded myself lucky). I have seen one thing though…people love reading things that relate to your personal life- the more masala it has, the better it is 🙂 Even I like coming across blogs that talk about people being pissed off or having a fight 🙂 😛 Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have removed most of my previous personal posts to another blog and I have kept this one for the purpose of your entertainment. I do blog about my personal life, but not in this blog anymore. But it still has that URL..I can’t change that unfortunately. Almost forgot, the title “Time and Again” was also coined keeping my earlier intention in mind. Probably I should change it now.

The graph in my Blog Stats page looks like this:

The Top Posts Today were:

Makes me wonder whether people like reading more about Bollywood than anything else? I guess its Bollywood that pays us for our daily bread right? I want to write more about history, especially the First and the Second World War, but it doesn’t seem like people are really interested in these events anymore! I started off with a post on Anne Frank, but I don’t think many people even saw it..hhmmphh.

So, everybody reading this post now, I’m putting up 5 options. Please tell me what do I write about?

1. Bollywood (Movies in general)

2. Business

3. Literature (Esp. Modern Fiction)

4. History

5. Technology (I think there are many other people who write good posts on this; besides I’m really not too much into technology unfortunately 😦 )

You are allowed to choose more than one option.

P.S. Shravan has a good post on how to use the “more” tab that lets the viewers see only a part of your ramblings. I have used his tips here! 🙂

P.P.S If you happen to see me online in the Meebo widget, then please dont hesistate to send me a message! After all, I’m online because I would like to talk 🙂


9 thoughts on “About my Blog

  1. Ruhi,
    My order of preference is

    1. History…(i am just a sucker for it)

    2. Technology (and when I say technology, i do not mean just ipod, zune, microsoft, and mac or computer or web in general..something beyond that..more classical def. of technology )

    3. Bollywood (I loved ur post on munna bhai .pal pal, until then I did not hear any of the two, but i loved the original one..)

    4. Business (yea ok not too much into it..but i can still comment)

    5. Literature (Esp. Modern Fiction) naah…, had it been non-fiction, i would have rated it bit higher..
    may be even at top..but last fiction i read was da vinci code!

  2. Tismar,

    I’ll write something about History soon 🙂 I havent written anything on it yet. I’m already tired of Bollywood though. Don’t know too much about technology..hahahaa. I can write heaps about business (but I dont think it interests too many people…:P) Ditto for Literature

  3. shashi says:

    From your stat it looks like ‘Bollywood’ is lucky for you. I also get excited when I get maximum read. Yesterday, my podcast saw over 100 subscriber and I was very happy.
    I like your blog as topics are up to my interest….Keep up good work Ruhi…:-)

  4. Shashi,

    I downloaded your podcast last do a good job summarizing everything 🙂 I’ll take a look at this week’s podcast too! Keep visiting, Ruhi.

  5. great job on the 545 hits, thats cool. You’re right, it is kinda nice to know that your blog gets read by more than 2 people huh! 🙂

    Keep it up, you’re doing a great job!

  6. 535 hits,that’s me next target yo.A friend of mine got 150 and I posted furiously to surpass her,I have 263 the best thing right now :p

    Lets see whatcha we gonna do for 535.Even I have two blogs,the other one’s kinda personal and this one’s to just become famous,probably the most read person of the world.Huge Dreams huh? 😀

  7. Hahaha 😀 you would be better off concentrating on your medical exams believe me!! 🙂 This blogging thing is addictive. But like you said in your internet addiction post, you need some control 🙂

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