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My Six Line Interview for News Leader

Well its funny that I didn’t even know that my “interview” had been published in the local newspaper News Leader here 😛 This was taken more than a year ago 🙂 Im happy nonetheless. One bright spot in this long and tiring day!

Minors may soon be Banned from Bars

But I think there is a misquote.. I dont remember saying this line:

….while allowing underage patrons continued access to dance nights and music shows…….

Why would I say that??!! I must have been drunk too.


7 thoughts on “My Six Line Interview for News Leader

  1. wow..thats something..!
    u were 21 a year ago..? wow…u r a kid..i was 21 like sometime in BC.
    oh and ur name has my name embedded in it..
    u shud change it..i hate when that happens to me..

    actually back in engineering mr. zuney once read my name as ur name.

    isnt it funny, he read ’tismarkhan’ as ‘ruhi’???!!!

  2. Tismar,

    Yes I’m still a kid (and I wish I stop growing, who wants to turn old??). But almost 23 now unfortunately. Btw, if you were 21 in BC, then the pic that u have put in your profile (hoping that we will believe is yours) is horribly outdated!! 🙂

    Mr Zune needs to answer – Where is the similarity betn. “tismarkhan” and “ruhi”?? They dont rhyme.Neither do they have the same length nor do they have the same alphabets!

  3. shashi says:

    “But XYZ said she doesn’t think the prohibition would have much effect”
    so, your name is XYZ…and you are ABCstudent …and live in xxxxx…and xx years old..
    May be I have taken out wrong things from your interview 🙂

  4. Shashi, Im sorry I have edited your comment a bit! I dont want my personal details pointed out 🙂 If you observed them, thats fine 😀 Thanks for your comments 🙂

  5. shashi says:

    I am sorry but you must remove the link you have provided (if you really want to conceal your personal details) . It reveals everything about you….

  6. shashi, what i meant is that I know the reader will come to know some demographic information, but i would prefer if the person doesnt spell out everything in bold 🙂 Thanks anyway for reading that unimportant “interview” 🙂

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