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Good Wife’s Guide and Shah Rukh Khan as usual

Apparently, The Good Housekeeping Magazine published this in 1955. Its a Good Wife’s Guide. I found a blog that has a Good Husband’s Guide. I like this better.

Moving onto more important things like Shah Rukh Khan and his facial muscles, I have an amazing video where you get to see each and every face muscle being used to get the $100000 trillion expression.

By the way, don’t bother seeing the whole video. The first 45 seconds pretty much demonstrate his definitely-my-movie-deserves-an-oscar skills.

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3 thoughts on “Good Wife’s Guide and Shah Rukh Khan as usual

  1. “P.S. You’re desperate for hits aren’t you? Isn’t that why you keep going back to Bollywood after every couple of posts?”

    Should I edit this??! Why do you let out my trade secrets like this?!

  2. Weird.I always wondered why Shahrukh lent his voice to that movie but this was really dumb. Maybe a rapper’s bhoot got into him or something.His face always looks like he’s flexing extra muscles,trying to keep his eyebrows in the “S” shape.

    The guy who’s sung the beginning part sounds like Kailash Kher,or maybe something picked up from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.Definately some Sufi.And geez,these subtitles are so dumb 😀

  3. The song is actually not that bad; but I totally “Love” the way SRK exercises his muscles. Why, we dont even need to go to the gym if we follow his steps 😉

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