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Microsoft One Note : A Review

My friend Ankit introduced me to Microsoft One Note 2003 a couple of months back. Most of us have a difficult time arranging our notes in MS Word. So what do we do? We grab a legal pad and start writing (also, keep scratching and re-organizing). MS One Note is an excellent note taking device that can be used in addition to MS Word to organize a presentation or a term paper. It is much more flexible than many other applications when it comes to organizing your research material. I’ll go through some of those which I found to be pretty different from other applications.

You can use sections and folders in your notebook to organize notes on a particular subject, and quickly access them by clicking a section tab near the top of the current page.

Use the page tabs to organize, rearrange, and review the pages in any section of your notebook. You can also move the sections and folders in your notebook wherever you like. The best thing about this feature is that you can quickly flip through pages to review your notes just like you do in a paper notebook.

Insert a screen clipping of anything on your screen by simply clicking on Insert-Screen Clipping. It also copies the url or the location of the clipping. This really comes into handy when I look around for the source. Thus, you can minimize the number of windows that remain open. Simply click on the link that has been copied along with the link! 🙂 It will look something like this:

Pasted from <>

As simple as that! I know that there are lots of external applications that can be used for this feature. You can also use ctrl+prt sc/fn+prt sc. But what I am trying to say is that you can do a lot of stuff with this software. You can also insert audio/video files.

A side note (The Orange Screen) can be added to any page or sub page. Also, you can write anywhere inside the page by pointing cursor to the particular spot. You dont have to follow the line by line format of Word. I have provided a screenshot of these features. Also, you can use a blank page or add blue lines (like your note book) or even add some personalized stationary (not shown in the screen shot).


I dont know about any other software that lets two people share notes in real time using MSN Messenger or any other chat client. Here, you can save your notes and then show it to another person by sending an invitation. However, the other person cannot edit your document. You can also use a pen or some other stationary during the shared session.

In One Note, you can import appointments and contacts that you made using MS Outlook 2003, and send notes in an e-mail message. You can export as well as import notes to MS Word 2003 and other Office Programs and share your notes on the MS Windows Share Point service site. You can also copy notes from your Pocket PC or Smart Phone directly onto One Note and then use it to make presentations using MS Word or any other word processor.

Finally, if you have a Tablet PC, then you can also also use pen to take notes in your own handwriting and then apply formatting just like you would do in a note pad. I dont have a Tablet PC, so cant really comment on this feature. But it looks awesome to me! 😀 It should work great. (I got the screenshot from the official website).

I’m not saying that use this instead of any other processor that you are using. Im not even suggesting that it is the best thing out there. But I do feel that this is one of the most convenient and useful products that has been made by Microsoft and its funny that not many people are aware of it. I have used it a number of times for writing papers and for organizing my research material. And believe me, it REALLY helps a lot. For example, I dont have to keep clicking on ten thousand word documents if I need to find one sentence. I can just copy and paste the sentence in a new page or sub page in my One Note. And like I said, the source of the information is also pasted automatically. So if you need to go back to the original document, then simply click on the “Source” link. I also use highlighters and pens to circle those parts that are pertinent to my paper. This way, I dont have to skim through thousands of lines to get one small piece of information. I know it sounds silly now, but when you need to make a paper, then every little tool seems to be so helpful.

If you think that you will like this software, then you can click here.

You can take a test drive here

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10 thoughts on “Microsoft One Note : A Review

  1. That looks nice to me.I don’t really need it because I don’t do much of presentations at this stage but yea that could be used to save and arrange Visual Basic and Oracle codes too.Sounds good enough reason to download.I like the way Microsoft integrates all its products to work with each other.Sometimes it seems you just don’t need anything else.

    I think something Microsoft hasn’t done yet is make a decent Antivirus because seriously,the McAfee they offer isn’t all that good.Since they have all the genius’s with them in their laboratories,they should come up with an Antivirus which can fight Trojans and Spyware too.They did take one step in this direction by making MS-Antispyware which in my opinion was one of the best software’s they’ve ever made.The firewall they offer needs to be touched up a bit too.They could very well learn from Zone Alarm firewall and Avast! Antivirus.I guess they would come up with something of the sort soon.

  2. OneNote is an excellent, and mostly used by tablet pc users. It is very easy to use especially when you are writer or student or some one who takes loads of notes. But only problem I had encountered with this that it does not give you much more reward when you try to use this application on stand alone basis, so you need word or outlook better if you use both to use this software and get full reward. Good Post:)

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  4. Ekawaaz, I agree with you. You cant use it stand-alone. Its work great if you use it to organize stuff and then start writing in MS word. But it does help you when you are doign substantial research and want to put everything in one place and not want to lose any information 🙂

    I wish i had a tablet pc, then i would be able to use it better 🙂

  5. @sk

    I had AVG Free till sometime earlier.It’s not all that good either.The best feature about it is the virus definitions update but the scanning is not very accurate and misses most of the common virsus’ and trojan’s.I know McAfee is made by Symantec but that’s what most Microsoft Windows XP users get when they purchase a that way McAfee is not all good to keep your PC safe.I use Avast and Zone Alarm and it works fine for me.I will try One Care though..I didn’t know about that at all.

  6. what a great article Ruhi, very in-depth and useful information here. Gotta love MS OneNote, I can understand how it would come in handy with term papers and such.

    Awesome stuff!

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