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Did you ever have a crush on your Professor?

So who did?? Well I certainly did 😛 I used to dress up really well for his classes…lol.


11 thoughts on “Did you ever have a crush on your Professor?

  1. I never attended classes. and if i did, i just slept in there.

    so most of the time i did not know how my teachers look like..kind of tricky situation to have a crush..

  2. LOL I had a crush at my economics teacher too!
    She was like oh so pretty and every guy in the class would sit on the first benches in her period and go back to the last benches the very next period.We used to get the best marks in economics 😀

    The other day,I saw her with her husband at a fete we were having at school.The guy was like enormous and that day,I gave up economics. 😛

    There was another teacher I liked lol..that was in like 6th standard.Her husband was an air force officer 😀 .But thinking of that now,she wasn’t all that good.So I prefer people like Elisha Cuthbert and Hillary Duff now 😛

  3. shashi says:

    I couldn’t read more than three blocks…my eyes started watering (May be I really need specs)….How did these guys read the whole 20 block???
    Give me some hints so that I could read this funny story ……

  4. @Ish,

    “.Her husband was an air force officer” Thats something huh? 😛 hehehe..i never liked anyone on school. Why?? I had a convent education 😦 hehehe…


    Yes I know the strips are a little small…i had to condense the size because of the theme.

  5. @Ruhi,

    I’m having convent education too.Still I manage to like people.But looking at things now,it’s pretty bad.I hate most of my teachers now.And so I should,most of them are mean and males.We’ve got like 2 female teacher’’s even older than my mom and the other one is pregnant.So I guess I’d rather study 😐

  6. lol that’s a cool comic strip. Umm i think most people at one time or another have had a crush on a professor/lecturer/teacher/tutor. I did way back at the start of high school, IT teacher.

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