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Who is an A**hole?

Shashi has a nice post that educates a layman about all the common internet slangs. I thought of taking it a step ahead and demonstrating the practical use of the word “a**hole”. Here is a video that will teach you all that you need to know!

By the way, for your entertainment purposes, you can also check out the videos of “Eeef you come Today” and “Love Me or Hate Me”. They are an interesting watch for sure 😛

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3 thoughts on “Who is an A**hole?

  1. Hi Ruhi,
    Hope you keeping well. Well thanks god I am not A**Hole lol. Lovely video hehe. Your post make laugh too much, Bless you ..and thanks for shairng with us. Keep posting…

  2. Ekawaaz,
    someone brought this video to my notice.. 😛 You are welcome..keep visiting!

    Where did i get this crap from?! YOUTUBE obviously! duhhh!

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