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Kiran Desai’s "The Inheritance of Loss" wins the Man Booker Prize for 2006!

I just came to know that Kiran Desai’s book “The Inheritance of Loss” has won the Booker Prize for 2006. For those of you who dont know, she is the daughter of the noted novelist, Anita Desai, who has also been nominated three times before- in 1980,1984,1999. Aged 35, she is the youngest novelist to have ever won a Booker Prize. My favorite novelist, Arundhati Roy, won it when she was 36 🙂

Read all about this here and here!!

I have read the excerpt that has been provided by Amazon. I liked whatever I have read till now. You can read the excerpt here.

There is this line on Page 2 which I found to be very profound:

“Could fulfillment ever be felt as deeply as loss? Romantically she decided that love must surely reside in the gap between desire and fulfillment, in the lack, not the contentment. Love was the ache, the anticipation, the retreat, everything around it but the emotion itself”.

Thats like a big wow!! I cant wait to get this book from Amazon and start reading it 🙂 Any thoughts?

While we are on this topic, let me ask you a question- Which is your favorite Booker Prize Winning Novel?

Mine are:

1. The God of Small Things

1. Disgrace

1. The Blind Assassin

Sorry, I like these three equally. Cant prioritize 😛

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27 thoughts on “Kiran Desai’s "The Inheritance of Loss" wins the Man Booker Prize for 2006!

  1. “..My favorite novelist, Arundhati Roy, ..”
    sure she is..after all a bong.

    desai sounds gujju, so u might not like her much..!!

    I am not sure if I shud add ‘just kidding’ or not…!!

    regarding my favorite novels..
    I havent read any of the booker winners..
    I read some of Jumpa Lahiris books, (another bong with international fame!)
    She is really good..of course i cannot make a comparison with others because my knowledge is limited in this area.

  2. Tismar,

    You will be disappointed to know that Kiran Desai is half bong too…. 😛 Anita Desai– German, and Kiran Desai’s dad is a Bong.

    Arundhati Roy is half bong half mallu 😛

    Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies was awesome..I didnt like Namesake too much.

    I like Margaret Atwood (Canadian) too..

  3. shashi says:

    I read Filmfare ……
    And if bored then read ‘Mills & Boons’ romantic novels (!!!)
    I had tried to read ‘The God of Small Things’ and started yawning on second page and got into sleep on third. (And paid £2 for damaging the book)

  4. “have no idea why you waste your time reading all this crap, Ruhi. Read Filmfare like the rest of us.”

    Yes I think I stock of bollywood news is decreasing…i need that..who wants to waste time reading Booker Prize Winners??!!!

  5. Oh well as far as Bollywood comes out..there’s a magazine called Stardust too,my mum reads that 😛

    Has any punjabi ever won the Booker Prize? The only writer that’s popular was perhaps Amrita Pritam.I haven’t heard of anything else.I think we’re only good at making cheap songs with awefully raunchy videos.The irony is,everyone keeps criticizing them and seeing them all the time.

    As far as Arundhati Roy is concerned..I have heard about that book The God of Small Things..I think my mother’s sister has read it..I saw it on her table..the cover has a white coloured flower on it if I’m not wrong…. 😀

  6. “Has any punjabi ever won the Booker Prize? The only writer that’s popular was perhaps Amrita Pritam.”

    Ish, sorry to disappoint you…but the answer is no…. Roy won it.. Rushdie too (but he is British with an Indian Origin)..

     Stardust is sure entertaining 😛 Try taking it to your class and reading it under the table 😛 (Let me know what happens)

    Yes the cover has a white flower against the backdrop of Kerala…(greenery) 🙂

  7. “..Try Maxim too. And the Sports Illustrated Calendar! BTW, none of these publications won a booker, did they? Too bad – they deserve it. ..”

    I agree. In fact I would say Ruhi’s blog should get a booker (or bloger may be)

  8. “In fact I would say Ruhi’s blog should get a booker (or bloger may be)”

    BTW, has your article on the riya sen mms won a booker (blogger) yet? if that post hasnt…then my blog (all my posts put together) dont even stand a chance……

  9. lol i really think ruhi’s blog should be up there. I remember Ruhi a little while back when your blog hits were fairly small, now look how many visitors you get. You obviously have something here on you blog that many people love to keep coming back to. keep it up!

  10. Tu Hai Meeeeri Kiran:) She has done proud to all Indians. Congrat to her. her mother nominated 3 times but she never won, so she should very happy as her daughter won it with record. Youngest person ever to won “Booker” Award.

  11. Justin,

    Thank you for your kind comment 🙂 Bloggers like yourself keep me encouraged (to come up with silly posts :P). You have a great blog too. I love the content!!


    “Tu Hai Meeeeri Kiran:) ” Niiceee…havent heard anybody sing this number since a long time. On a side note..are u singing this song like SRK? Else you are doing great injustice u know…hehee.

  12. the book sure sounds interesting…thnx for the preview u provided…gotto buy it!
    yes i read arundhuti roy nd jhumpa lahiri a lot. i despise vikram seth but booker prize or not i am in love with upamanyu chatterjee!

    try reading J. Krishnamurthy specially Commentaries on the living…u mite nt like it but its real thought provoking.

  13. @ Ruhi

    “Ish, sorry to disappoint you…but the answer is no…. Roy won it.. Rushdie too (but he is British with an Indian Origin)..”

    Wow,that made me cry 😦
    Rushdie,his wife is Padmalaxmi or something is it? Seen him on news channels a couple of times.

    I know what we guys are famous about though,and gonna make an other people telling people about that. 😛

  14. Those last few lines didn’t make any sense at all.Funny how missing one word can mess the whole sentence up.I’ll rewrite it:-

    “I know what we guys are famous for and I’m gonna write a post telling people exactly what that is”

    And as far as taking Stardust to school is concerned,I have more important things to do for instance sleep,write on benches,crack jokes behind the teacher,writing songs..most of that happens in the math period.But if I ever get bored from doing all these,it’s gonna be Stardust to the rescue. 😛

  15. “actually i visit this blog everyday to see this display pic ruhi has..
    isnt she ‘”drop DEAD gorgeous’”

    Sure I am!! 😀

    “Any diet suggestion??? ”

    Im on the Atkins diet. You can try it too!!

  16. shashi says:

    “I agree. In fact I would say Ruhi’s blog should get a booker”

    Shravan bhai…I am not the one who has gone way off the topic(I swear 🙂 ) ….
    We should stop irrelevent comments… :- 0

  17. @shahshi..
    “..I read Filmfare ……”

    Thats the point of diversion.., do not frame me on this one..


    I coined the term bloger (not blogger, because its not booKKer). and then ruhi convineintly changed it to ploger. I mean what can u expect from a dead skeleton.

  18. Ahh.. i had the impression that the award was “Ploger”..anyway, “Whats in a name?”. You will still present the award.


    Did you read the latest issue of Filmfare? Whats todays headlines?

  19. yea even I dont like pointing fingers…

    I just like to point the gun .. (0.45 caliber from the moon mission, remember!)

    wow..i am just getting better and better at changing the topic..

  20. Tismar,

    you should be knowing are the one who started the ploger… 🙂


    kya “bas bhi” kare?? Btw, your link is not working….

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