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My Observations after getting 10,000 hits

I’m pleased to announce that my blog (and not me!! :P) has received 10,000 hits till date. I started blogging seriously only in September sometime. So I guess I’m doing pretty okay. I would like to share some important stats though 🙂 My top posts stats page looks like this-

Well, the Bollywood Posts dominate the Stats Page (as expected). Obviously, we sleep, drink and eat Bollywood. What would we do without SRK and his sexy grooves! Every other topic is irrelevant (as substianted by the meagre hits received by those posts elucidating them).

I’m pretty happy because my blog (yes, not me!) has received hits from many different countries. Though, I wouldnt mind (I mean, my blog) some from Greenland too. It will be encouraging to know that people in that part of the world use internet too.

Moving onto more important things, take a look at this graph (ofcourse, what else did you expect? I dont have a pic of Mallika Sherawat here…sorry!!)

This is the pie chart of the OS used by people who visited my blog. I got the data from Sitemeter. Windows XP dominates the OS market.. there is nothing surprising about this I think. Linux is about 6%, which I guess is not too bad. Mac OS X comes in at 3%.

Next, this is the distribution of the Browser share:

Paul Thurrott has something interesting to say about the IE 7 and Firefox browser share:

According to analysts at Web metrics firm OneStat, IE picked up 2.8 percent of the Web-browser market share between July and September 2006, and Firefox’s market share dropped 1.4 percent during the same period. IE had never really lost a huge amount of market share to Firefox, but Firefox had been picking up market share at IE’s expense fairly consistently for about a year and a half. OneStat said that IE currently controls about 85.9 percent of the overall browser market, compared with about 11.5 percent for Firefox.

However, this link presents a conflicting view:

Firefox accounted for 12.5 percent of September’s global browser market, said Aliso Viejo, Calif.’s Net Applications. That’s an increase from August’s 11.8 percent, which was up from the 11.3 percent in July. Internet Explorer’s share slipped to 82.1 percent in September, down from August’s 83 percent.

Also making gains was Apple Computer’s Safari browser, which by the end of September was up from 3.2 percent to 3.5 percent. Safari’s September numbers were its highest since April.

“Internet Explorer continues to lose market share with Firefox and Safari showing a steady increase over the past 9 months,” said Net Applications in a statement”.

I really dont want to draw any conclusion from this data due to the following reasons:

1. My observations are based only on my blog stats.

2. I havent seen the behavior of of visitors of other blogs.

3. We need to observe a broad range of samples before arriving at any conclusion.

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15 thoughts on “My Observations after getting 10,000 hits

  1. Ankit says:

    (Edited)!! finally u crossed the 10K mark..haha..keep going..
    Write 5 more bollywood blogs and you’d soon be crossing 20K haha..
    The world’s crazy abt it!!Rename ur blog to bollywood meals!! or bollyway or BFC(Bollywood fried chatapata) haha..

  2. becs says:

    Congratulations. I am up to about 8,000 since starting in August so you are doing better than me.

    Have you considered using Statcounter for your stats? They give you so much information, much more than sitemeter. If you do use then, you need to choose the html counter, not the javascript one, and place the html in a text widget on your sidebar. They also have free invisible counters aswell.

  3. I remember u were behind us last month, even we started sometime back in september, so yea surely u r doing good.

    “I m pleased to announce that my blog (and not me!! :P) has received 10,000 hits”

    Thats the best joke so far on ur blog! Do you have YOUR hit counter somewhere? Has that cross 10,000 mark?

  4. @ Ankit-

    I’m gonna type my message in hindi here-

    Tujhe bahut maar padne wala hai!!! Mere se mil next time 😛

    @ Becs,

    Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 I do know about Statcounter, but never tried it. I have heard from lots of people too that its good 🙂 I guess ill give it a try! thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it.


    “Do you have YOUR hit counter somewhere? Has that cross 10,000 mark?”

    Yes I do!! Its locked securely in my useless brain…hehehe. No, it hasnt crossed the 10,000 mark! Do you expect a dead skeleton (Drop DEAD gorgeous) to get 10,000 hits??? You must be kidding me…

  5. “Ahhh. That was a joke then. Hmmm… okay, funny! :p”

    Sarcasm at its best!!! po da

    “Maybe as Ankit pointed out, you can start blogging full time about bollywood. ”

    I think I need to point it out to my faithful blog readers that most of my posts are Non-bollywood-ish, yet its only the bollywood posts that receive all the attention!!


    1. My top posts stats

    2. Comments saying that I should change the name of my blog…hehee.

    Take a look..most of my posts talk about other stuff. Ofcourse, they might not be as interesting as SRK’s grooves..right?

  6. Congratulations Ruhi(oops,I mean your blog) for getting 10,000 hits!

    You know what,you did a lot of research after getting 10,000 views.If it were me,I would’ve just been jumping around bragging about it to everyone else 😛 but sadly,I’m still stuck somewhere at 8,400.When I first saw your blog,you had like 200 more views than I did and it kept increasing increasing and yeah,increasing but I don’t mind that 😛

    I just hope that you(darn,I mean your blog) keeps getting hits at this pace..hopefully even faster.Keep Posting! 😉

    And LOL@BFC 😀 😀

  7. Ish,

    Thank you very much 🙂 Your blog has grown too 🙂 When I started visiting it…it was somewhere in 3000s..and look at it now…you are doing very very well!! 😀

    Im sorry but what exactly is BFC?! hehe..a lil out of touch with all this 😦

  8. Ankit says:

    Ya i still am tellin her..arre ****(edtd) haha 🙂 🙂
    Here once again to refresh u, hehe 😛
    KFC=BFC(Bollywood Fried Chat)
    Subway=Bollyway (The fastest meal)
    McD=BollyD (The largest chain of gossip)
    Starbucks Cafe= Bollybucks cafe..

    haha u can go on and on..

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