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Song: Silli Hawa Chhoo Gayi (Libaas)

I have been searching for this song since ages. I think I heard it for the last time about three years back. It’s heart rendering lyrics have been woven into a silvery tune by RD Burman. Lata Mangeshkar makes the song pleasing and tuneful.

Gulzar’s lyrics are as follows:

Siili Havaa Chhu Gai
Siilaa Badan Chhil Gayaa
Nili Nadii Ke Pare
Gilaa Saa Chaand Khil Gayaa

Tum Se Mili Jo Zindagii
Hamane Abhii Boi Nahiin
Tere Sivaa Koi Na Thaa
Tere Sivaa Koi Nahiin
Sili Havaa Chhoo Gai …

Jaane Kahaan Kaise Shahar
Leke Chalaa Ye Dil Mujhe
Tere Bagair Din Naa Jalaa
Tere Bagair Shab Naa Bujhe
Sili Havaa Chhoo Gai …

Jitane Bhii Tay Karate Gaye
Ba.Dhate Gaye Ye Faasale
Milon Se Din Chhod Aaye
Saalon Se Raat Leke Chale
Sili Havaa Chhoo Gai

You can download the song from here. (You need to register first). Also, listen to it online here.


8 thoughts on “Song: Silli Hawa Chhoo Gayi (Libaas)

  1. Mariner says:

    really awesome song.. people y do u forget the singer.. of course Gulzaar, RD are great but when Lata comes it becomes such an unbeatable trio u cant imagine…
    my favourite list is long but a few..
    Dikhayi diye..(Bazaar)
    Lo aa gayi unki yaad (Do Badan)
    Ik Pyar ka naghma hai (Shor)
    Do Naina (Masoom)
    Kahin na ja, aaj kahin mat ja (bade dil wala)
    Tere liye palko ki jhaalar bunoo (Harjaee)
    Mera kuchh saaman (Ijaazat)

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