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Which is your favorite browser?

(Source: BusinessWeek Online)

In my earlier post, I had provided stats from Sitemeter that listed the Browser share of my blog visitors. I got this interesting poll from BusinessWeek Online and wanted to share it with everyone. Ofcourse, the Total Votes are only 615 now, which is pretty low. I had earlier presented the stats of 10,000 hits (inclusive of repeating visits). Whats interesting is that the IE share was about 85% there, but its only 23.9% here. Im hoping that these 615 votes at the BusinessWeek site are unique (atleast most of them). By the way, I voted for Firefox.

I will do a follow up on this and present the updated bar graph soon!

So, what would you guys vote for? We can do the Maths here! Leave me a comment; ill add your vote to this data base and generate a bar graph 🙂


Like I promised, here is the update. I would like to point out that its better if we don’t compare these stats with the “market share” of each browser. The sample size here is very small. When we look at the market share, we consider millions of users. Besides, most of these people who entered the poll read Business Week Online (like me 🙂 ) and secondly, are interested “enough” to take part in this poll. So there are statistical errors for sure. There is a higher likelihood for people reading magazines online to be more tech savvy than an average internet user. And this might be contributing to the high percentage of  Firefox. What is more important is to observe the gradual change in the browser share as more number of people vote.

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9 thoughts on “Which is your favorite browser?

  1. shashi says:

    Same as Shrav….I use interchangeably FF and IE 7…
    I use IE7 for downloading (esp songs)
    otherwise FF is my favourite ..
    (FF 2?? I will give a try)

  2. It’s the fox on fire i.e. Firefox for me.

    Love it for it’s customizability (is that a word?)
    It’s just that it feels every Firefox is custom made to fit the user with it’s billion plugins.So yeah,Firefox.

  3. Life is all about multiple choice and True-False questions. So was/is my post!!

    I would appreciate it if you could give me your final verdict 🙂 I know its difficult, but pleaasssee try!

  4. Firefox for me, unfortunately I have to use IE as microsoft dont allow me to get updates if I use firefox… so I have to use IE as a default browser but mostly I use FireFox. Its better with loads of tool.

  5. There’s so many browsers around actually.It’s just one that fits your needs and becomes your favorite.I’ve tried many too..erm like Flock,Avant,Opera,IE etc. but Firefox suited me because of it’s reliability.I’m using a pretty old version of it though.

    So yeah,finally,Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar

  6. Firefox is good, but I default to IE since that came with the system, and clicking on a link opens up IE. I can change that setting, but I have a lot of inertia in this regard.

  7. I like firefox, but it uses the memory so now i am using opera..which is as good as firefox but for some websites its needed to mask firefox as mozilla to work better..

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