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Gone for a Couple of Days

I am taking a short vacation to Denver, CO. Yes, I’m excited about it. The prospect of driving at night time gets my adrenaline pumping! 🙂 So, I wont be online for a couple of days to reply to your comments or check your new posts. I shall be back just in time for Diwali on the 21st. Earlier, I had thought of having a party at my place and inviting everybody for a sumptuous meal – complete with Indian sweets and curries. So, this might have to wait for next year. Ofcourse, there is nothing better than being with your family on this day, but thats a very distant possibility for now. I will try to write something about Diwali when I get back!


So, everyone- A Very Happy Diwali!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Gone for a Couple of Days

  1. Have fun and Happy Diwali.Don’t burst too much o’ crackers.They cause pollution 😛

    Issued in public interest by the Pollution Board of India.

  2. Well happy to announce that I’m back 😀


    Happy Diwali to you too 🙂 I wont be eating any of those delicious sweets, forget about bursting crackers..hehehee. You must have started bursting crackers 5 days back!! Have a nice time!

  3. I used to love them as a that I regard myself as a grown up…i dont care much about them either…

    but its good to know that you dont like them..the pet animals have a very bad time coping with all the noise and pollution too..

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