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“Monkeying” around (Updated!!)

Just wanted to put up a quick update. I considered myself to be human enough to “horse” around in CO, but Tismar brought it to my notice that its better if I say that I am “monkeying” around!

So, yeah, having a great time-waking up at 4 am which is like midnight for me. 🙂

more to come tomorrow when I get back!


Shrav came up with a nice link  that talks about “monkeying around”. After visiting the google page, I click on the second or third link, (I dont remember) and came up with this article on BBC News that talks about Monkeying Around on Company Time.

Here is a quick abstract:

The Zoological Society of London is looking for 100 human volunteers to substitute chimpanzee calls, facial expressions and gestures for their normal behaviour as they go about their everyday lives.

The researchers hope to find out if chimps are better communicators than those of us supposedly further up the evolutionary ladder.

The article goes on to talk about how this idea was implemented by the author in his business setting. And believe me, its worth a read!! Its funny for sure.

So, I guess, there is something called “Monkeying around”. Interesting indeed.


14 thoughts on ““Monkeying” around (Updated!!)

  1. Haha monkeying around 😀

    That was an awesome pic 😛
    Anyway seeya & Happy Diwali,they’ve already started bursting crackers like anything here.

  2. “where is the drop dead gorgeous skeleton..?”

    Dead and buried! back in the closet…too many people were making passes at me. 😛
    But why do you have a skeleton for your display pic?

  3. cotton??
    oh i see literal translation of ruhi uhh..?

    i will change my name to thirtykill mines.

    “…But why do you have a skeleton for your display pic? ..”
    Ouch. Way too ouch. I am totally, I mean totally totally offended.

  4. @shrav

    your link is up in my post! 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

    @thirtykill mines
    Thirtykill mines sounds good to me. I hope you will make the necessary changes soon.

    “Ouch. Way too ouch. ..”

    Are you really offended? I should have put a “just joking” next to my comment…i forget to do that…i didnt mean it that way though. (I really was joking).

  5. “..I should have put a “just joking” next to my comment…i forget to do that..”

    actually I kind of get flattered when someone makes a comparsion which makes me feel “not so fat. ” that pic is 5 year old when I was indeed bit skinny,
    let us just say things have ‘changed’ since then!!

    So if u add just kidding, this time I will really get offended. !!

    oh and yes, i was NOT ‘just kidding’ when i called u a chimp, a dead skeleton. or may be i was..
    does it matter..hell no!

  6. Hey Cotton Its Millsy, so you reckon the word will be in the dictionary lolz. Let me no when and ill be sure to buy that edition. HeHe
    Great Post Keep It Up

  7. LOLz hahahaha yeah that would be great!! hehe. ll be sure to buy that edition now. Hey i have finally started my own blog Yay! would be great if you could stop around to give me some idea’s.

    Thanks, Keep up the great posts

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