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Don’t read this post if you are already tired of Firefox/IE talks!

Are you? Well, if you are tired of it, then even God can’t save you because everyone is blogging about Firefox and IE 7 these days. So, to join the bandwagon, I have an article that I found on BBC. It was published in 2004 when Firefox 1.0 was released.

Firefox is proving popular because, at the moment, it has far fewer security holes than Internet Explorer and has some innovations lacking in Microsoft’s program.

For instance, Firefox allows the pages of different websites to be arranged as tabs so users can switch easily between them. It blocks pop-ups, has a neat way of finding text on a page and lets you search through the pages you have browsed.

So, what does BBC have to say now that both FF 2.0 and IE 7.0 were released within a week?

Now it is believed to enjoy a 12-15% market share of the net browsing market globally. But, said Mike Schroepfer, vice-president of engineering at Mozilla, in some nations the share is far higher.

Take a look at the above graph. Firefox still going strong 😉

By the way, why don’t you just go to my cyber neighbor’s blog if you want more technology news? Saves me a lot of time and effort. They have a good coverage on the Mozilla/IE battle. While you are there, also take a look at Parmanu.. He wears a blue underwear and has yellow paint on his body. You must be wondering: %$@$%^%&$^& Parmanu???????!!!! Wikipedia provides us with a brief introduction:

Vinay was a highschool student when he saw some criminals kill his classmate during exams. He took an oath to revenge her death. He found the revolver that was used as the murder weapon. The killer was none other than the head of police himself. To save himself from the Law, he wanted to recover that revolver and for that he even tried to kill Vinay. He was rescued by his maternal Uncle, Prof. K.K., and was brought to his lab, where a monster BUFALO attacked them. Prof. K.K. revealed the secret that he had made a dress that could give him superpowers. Vinay wore the dress and became the Wonderman PARMANU. After a long struggle Vinay succeeded in killing Bufalo. Thereafter, he killed the killer and took revenge for his classmate’s death.

Parmanu also has many powers!!

Known as the “Atomic powered wonder man of India“, Parmanu is the guardian of Delhi, the capital city of India, often flying up into the air to keep a hawkish gaze watch on any trouble. He fells his enemies with atomic bolts fired from chest and wrist gadgets. He reels out atomic rope from his wrist band gadget. His belt contains many gadgets which helps him to teleport, atomize and reduce his size to any desired level.

You wouldn’t want to risk being his enemy, would you? 😉

You don’t need to go to India to find Parmanu. I happen to know a blogger pal who is also Parmanu! Yes, he is Mr. 30kill Mine!! 🙂 (By the time he finishes reading this post, his name would have changed to 31kill mine and I may no longer exist).

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6 thoughts on “Don’t read this post if you are already tired of Firefox/IE talks!

  1. “..Don’t read this post if you are already tired of Firefox/IE talks!..”
    Thanks for the warning. I didnt read it.

    “.. You must be wondering: %$@$%^%&$^& Parmanu???????!!!! ..”
    I think I know what %$@$%^%&$^& is suppose to mean. You are so dead.

    btw, thanks for the update on my history. I did not so many things abt myself.

    oh looks like u r closing on 15000 hits very soon. (like in few minutes, its just 8 hits away now!)

  2. I’m still getting used to Firefox. Been using for about a month and a half… ever since blogger made it impossible to upload anything using IE. Not too thrilled with IE7 yet.

    And BTW…I’m thinking of switching to wordpress. The template is very nice and a much cleaner look than blogger.

  3. Joe,

    I shifted from blogger to wp because blogger needs too much of tweaking to get anything done. I didn’t really enjoy going through the template for doing every small thing. WP takes some time to get used to..but it’s very easy to manage. I’m addicted to WP now and would never switch back to blogger (Even with their improved Beta version).


    I don’t know about that…you are the fanboy!

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