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Steve Irwin makes his “debut” on South Park

South Park is not really known for being kind to anyone, be it Princess Diana, Hitler, Al Gore or Steve Irwin! The episode shows Irwin walking around a fancy dress party in hell with a stingray barb sticking out of his chest.

A South Park spokesman defended the episode that shows callous disrespect for the grieving Irwin family.

“We have offended people in the past and probably will again,” the spokesman said.

I have seen many episodes of South Park, where they poke fun at almost anyone they can lay their hands on, but this one has really taken me by shock. The least they could do is wait for a couple of months before airing such a spoof! Think about Irwin’s family if not anyone else.

Links: “South Park” mocks Steve Irwin and “To hell with Irwin,says South Park”


11 thoughts on “Steve Irwin makes his “debut” on South Park

  1. Can’t say I’m suprised, but considering I was hearing jokes about what happend the very next day, this seems fairly respectful in terms of time.

    However, I’m not a South Park fan and never have been, maybe the Irwin’s aren’t either.

  2. I saw this episode and I’m with britishbulldog on this one. Matt and Trey are always doing stuff like this with South Park. As you say, they did it with Princess diana and lots of other high profile people which have passed away.

    It was only a matter of time until the guys at South Park used it for a quick laugh.

  3. @britishbull,
    I personally like Simpsons a lot. South Park always carries everything a bit too far, and this is no exception!

    Yes, I totally agree with you. I have always liked Princess Diana..and got really offended when they poked fun at her! 😦

  4. oh and thats not his ‘debut’, debut was in the episode you have up there. (incidentally they kill him even in that)

    this one is the second time they r showing him, (at least) and first time after his death! so debut of his ghost may be! i am being ‘insensitive’.

  5. parmanu,
    oh wow..thanks for that link….I wanted to see the whole episode!!

    I didn’t know that Irwin has already made his “debut”..thanks for pointing it out.

  6. KK says:

    Southpark or watever bullcrap. Anybody who’s born to a man and a woman will have a lil respect for dead ppl especially when he’s a nice guy. They can mock hitler n go to hell with him., but y Diana, Gandhi and Steve Irvin !!!
    Southpark Sucks big time ! BIG TIME !

  7. everyone,

    Well I won’t say that I don’t like them…they are hilarious for sure…but the entire series mainly relies on poking fun at other people and important issues…I try to take their episodes with a pinch of salt.

    This particular incident did take me by surprise. I didn’t like it for sure…

  8. in the latest sp episode..steve irwin is mentioned..not once twice..

    1. :..if you loose these game, he will die faster than steve irwin would have died with [huge] load of string rays.

    2. Kids: They(opposite team) are going to kill us..
    Stan: No they wont kill us
    kid: Thats what steve told about string barbs!

    follow the same link i have up there if u r interested in the video (stanley cup)

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