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Saddam Hussein’s death sentence/Ram Jethmalani

Saddam Hussein along with his half brother Barzan al-Tikriti and Iraq’s former chief judge Awad Hamed al-Bandar were sentenced to death. Former Vice-President Taha Yassin Ramadan got life in jail and three others received 15-year prison terms.

I am a little shocked. It will be interesting to see the reaction of Iraqi people to the verdict.

UPDATE (12/30/2006):

There is an uncensored video of the Real Execution over here. It’s pretty shocking. Please view it at your own discretion.

In India, Ram Jethmalani has taken up the case of Manu Sharma, the accused in the Jessica Lal case. Not many people are supporting this decision, but what else can you expect from him? He has always had a controversial list of clients. I had the “privilege” of meeting him when he administered a guest lecture in my college in India.

Any thoughts?


15 thoughts on “Saddam Hussein’s death sentence/Ram Jethmalani

  1. Parmanu says:

    “I am a little shocked. ”
    I would have been hell lot of shocked otherwise.

    I noted in yahoo 360 blog longtime back, that this trial was a joke. Just kill him and stop wasting time.

    Saddam would have surley killed less than 650,000 iraqi, 3000 US troops and it would not have costed $400 billion to USA… and iraq would have been in much better position now

    If Saddam would have been in power, Bush and Ehud Olmert wold have been executed for ‘war crimes’..

    Truman wasnt charged for dropping Nukes and killing 300,000 japaneese..but he did made sure that Nazis get excuted for ‘war crimes’…!

    So crime against humanity just depends on which humanity you are talking about…

    Its all about power..

    There is saying in Hindi ‘Jiske Lathi Uski Bhais’

    Who ever has the stick, has cotton..

  2. Parmanu says:

    Oh another note on Iraq situation,
    Most of the experts believe that Iraq is already in such a big mess that execution would hardly bring any effect..
    It just cannot get any worse than already it is..
    (US generals have impled that in senate hearings in pas!)
    I kind of agree with these experts and I dont think it would bring any change in violence out there..

  3. ramare says:

    One good thing will come out of all this….Our president Mr. Bush will get credit for acheiving his objective in Iraq i.e; Punish Saddam for his crimes against Iraqi people.

    And, with this perfect timing 2 days before elections….dealt solid blow to Democratics!!

    How kool is that!!!

  4. “Most of the experts believe that Iraq is already in such a big mess that execution would hardly bring any effect..
    It just cannot get any worse than already it is..”

    It sure can! Bush says that this will be a milestone for Iraqi “democracy”! Come again?? What kind of democracy is he even talking about? Can there be any “democracy” in Iraq now??? I really don’t think so.

    I don’t know how good a punitive damage is capital punishment. Does it really work as a deterrent? I don’t know. Perhaps, rigorous imprisonment would have been better. I always feel that punishing a tyrant by issuing a death penalty doesn’t solve the purpose. It is easier to face the bullet and die than to live on, be humiliated, and be treated like crap till you die naturally. Also, you are reminded every single day of your misdeeds.

  5. “There is saying in Hindi ‘Jiske Lathi Uski Bhais’

    Who ever has the stick, has cotton.. ”

    x( x( x( !!

    That “just joking” didn’t make me any less “offended”- if that is what you had in your mind! hhmmppff

  6. “And, with this perfect timing 2 days before elections….dealt solid blow to Democratics!!”
    I dont think so. Judgement was delivered by Iraqi tribunals, not by republicans..(at least thats how it is suppose to be)
    Reps got their credit long time back when the saddam was caught..this judgement was just a formality..doesnt really portray republicans ability to handle this country, does it??


    Alright..I am sorry…execute me..with Saddam for bad jokes against humanity

  7. Although the verdict comes as no surprise to many, I am saddened to see that the whole concept of democracy being twisted to push personal agenda.

    This verdict is not going to change the fact that Iraq is on the brink of civil war (if not already there). This is nothing but a Republican Party ploy to get some last minutes votes and try to avert a sure failure in the elections happening soon!

    Shame on Bush!!

  8. I agree Wild Grey .. Iraq is a mess and no one has a clue how to handle it… The warring lords were forced in silence under Saddam…now the box has opened. This verdict is gonna only some of the SUNNI sections.

    Cotton .. “little Shocked” … with Jethmalani … nah!!

  9. I was sure about this punishment, what you can expect from Kangaroo type court? Hang him and he will become a martyr in the eyes of many people and enflame the already sectarian strife across Iraq. if he has been tried in Hague I am sure he would have recived the fair trial. Without fair trial this decision is just another sad for justice. Every one knows he has commited a crime but not providing him fair trial we had also commited crime. Sent him for life dont hang him else we will see more violence. Regarding Jetmalani, why people opposing ? Manu Sharma is still is suspect not convicted so he deserve fair trial and he deserve best lawer to defend him. If Jetmalani aggreed to persue his case let him. If CBI, or IB got proof then court will do justice no matter who is representing him.

  10. “..i have deleted a line in your comment. sorry about that. ..”

    I dont think you are sorry abt it..but anyway..
    This is my last comment on this blog..!
    (sounds familiar?)

  11. I believe, nowadays, theres been a paradigm shift.

    “Everyone’s guilty until proven innocent” – thats what everyone follows now and not anything else you might have been taught!

  12. First of all,I’m seeing this blog after like ages.Looks good as always.

    Secondly,I so wanted to write about this too but seems my computer loves Saddam Hussain and it purposely screwed up so I won’t write stuff about the guy.

    Thirdly,I was definately shocked even though I don’t have any reason to be.Perhaps it was just the expression on Saddam’s face.He just went quiet after having said so much.Well now they’d probably be showing him being hanged on Television and all the channels will be running around to get the footage as that would definately increase TRP’s to some extent.Let’s see.

    Actually,only killing one Saddam won’t work.There’s many more to kill.

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