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Tere bina from Guru

I haven’t updated this blog since a long time. I have been very busy with my school work and some other stuff. Anyway, I discovered this wonderful song yesterday. It’s called “tere bina”. AR Rehman has done a very good job singing it. It’s dedicated to Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I had also posted the trailer of the movie in one of my earlier posts.

While you are here, do check out the detailed music review which has been put up by sk. He has done a good job summarizing each song in the album. This link gives you the song details.

Here is the video from Youtube:

The lyrics are:

Dum dara dum dara mast mast dum

dum dara dum dara mast mast dara

dum dara dum dum o humdum

bin tere kya jeena

Tere bin beswaadi

beswaadi ratiyaan. Oh sajna

Rookhi re oh rookhi re

kaatore kaate katena

Na jaa chaakri ke maare na ja

Souten pukare

saawan aayega toh puchega

na ja re

Pheeki pheeki beswaadi

yeh ratiyan

Kaatore kaate kate na

ab tere bin sajna sajna

kaate rate na

katena katena tere bina

Tere bina beswaadi beswaadi

ratiyaan, oh sajna oh

Tere bina chaand ka sona khota re

peeli peeli dhool udawe jhoota re

Tere bina sona peetal

tere sang keekar peepal

aaja kate na ratiyaan

Dum dara dum dara mast mast dum

dum dara dum dara mast mast dara

dum dara dum dum o humdum

bin tere kya jeena

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23 thoughts on “Tere bina from Guru

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  3. You’re right.Rahman is awesome in almost all of his movies whether it be a Dil Se or a Rang De Basanti.

    This song is reasonabely okay.I don’t like it much but atleast it’s better than the rest of ’em.I just hope the movie doesn’t disappoint like the music did.I’ve started having some expectations from Abhishek Bachchan now.

  4. I can’t wait to watch this movie personally…and yes, it’s being said that this is supposed to his best performance till date..so that should be interesting too.

  5. Heard somewhere it was on Dhirubhai Ambani.It is definately much anticipated.

    Jeez my mum was watching the old Umraao Jaan today..it’s so damn boring 😐

  6. Julie says:

    hi! i’m learning how to speak hindi, would you mind translating those lyrics? the song seems beautiful…thanks a lot! ~Julie

  7. Saawan says:

    This is in reply to your comment on my post ‘AR Rahman’s li’l inspiration for his latest track’

    I loved ‘Tere Bina’ too. I reiterated in my post saying ‘The inspiration is very little to be called as copying’, which again exemplifies the words in the title of my post ‘little inspiration’. It’s something I noticed and felt like writing about in my blog. But, it caused quite a stir 😉 Now, if you’re famous with his Tamil movie Sillunnu Oru Kadhal, listen to ‘New York Nagaram’ and U2’s ‘Staring At The Sun’. It can be called a copy!

    Please read my article on copying in Indian music

  8. like any of his songs the songs in this movie is like a virus which takes time to enter into the blood streams. once it gets in, people will surely like the three songs for sure tere bina,barso re and hairate ashique. and like others i can’t make any comments on rehman’s music because i have been proved wrong in the past. the title track of saathiya is what i am talking about. when i heard in the trailors i liked it and i bought the cd but once i heard the whole song i was totally ndisappointed and could’nt humm the whole song nor could’nt understand the tune of the song.but when i started listening to it regularly things changed and today that song is my alltime favourite song of mr . rahman.

  9. Mitu says:

    I loved the ‘Taan’ done by A R Rahman in the song. The taan I was in search of is missing from the lyrica so i have to work it out myself. Chinmayee has the most beautiful voice i have so far heard after Lata Mangeskor. I think the song was composed very-very well. As a music student the song has inspired me in many-many ways. I have listened to the song ate least 150 times if not more but I still failed to identify the notation of the taan. One day I hope to meet Mr A R Rahman. A beautiful song- beutifully sang. It touched both my heart and soul. Thanks

  10. Monica says:

    just discovered “tere bina” in a journey to Berlin.
    Happenned to find this Putumayo Cd , and then i found this amazing song which i cannot stop listening .
    music can go right to your soul if you let her come inside …..just enjoy it , i believe it´s a fantastic song , with great music , great voices , great drums fantastic allover .

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