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Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix Trailer

Finally, the trailer of the Fifth movie has been released. Ofcourse, I can’t wait for July 13th 2007, just like many others!

Frankly speaking, I think the 3rd movie, Prisoner of Azkaban was the best. I didn’t really like the book “Order of the Phoenix” much, but I guess the story provides good material for a movie. So..the movie will still be worth a watch. I would love to see how the 6th book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince looks like on silver screen – especially the last part where Dumbledore dies.

I have read on various websites that JK Rowling has finished writing more than half of the last book which is slated for realease in 2007 too. Let’s see when it actually comes out in the market! I will reserve a copy before-hand for sure. Till now, my personal favorite is the Sixth One- Half Blood Prince. I think the last one should be the best! It will be interesting if Harry Potter actually dies (and Ron and Hermione get together..which I think they will!)

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10 thoughts on “Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix Trailer

  1. I saw the trailer while I was out with the family watching Happy Feet. As a rampant HP fan … yes I’m a grownup but Ive read each of the books at least 3xs each … I cannot wait for the latest movie and for the final book.

    Thanks for posting the trailer.


    Mama Kelly

  2. OMG the trailers aren’t out in here as of yet or maybe I just missed them.Damn I gotta see this movie.My personal favorite book was The 4th part i.e. the Goblet of Fire but the movie wasn’t all that good.I agree the third part was the best as far as the movies are to be concerned.

    About the trailer,it looks good but I wish Daniel Radcliffe could have continued with the long haired look.Anyway that doesn’t matter much.I didn’t really like the 5th and the 6th part because they have Sirius and Dumbledore dying which pretty much points to the end of the series which we Harry Potter fans definately don’t want but then again,it’s no use stretching the whole thing out of proportion like Hindi movies do.It’ll be interesting to see how they manage to put the book into the movie cause it definately can’t manage to be as detailed as the book was.Wait wait wait…

    Avada Kedavra all 😀

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  4. Ron and Hermoine together..could be interesting.

    Oh man,you should see some of my classmates cause they’re crazy after Emma Watson a.k.a. Hermoine.It’s really funny 😀

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