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New Theme: Fadtastic

I got bored looking at the same old theme. So I decided to give my blog a mini-makeover! I liked the green and blue colors that have been used here. So, any of you reading this post- How does the new theme look? Or, shall I change it to something else?

One thing that I don’t like about this theme is that I am not allowed to customize the header. I like the 3-columns. For a change, they have been put together really well. And see the way the Blogroll has been placed at the bottom. I think that is really stylish. There is a new widget for this theme- Sonific Songspot, which is pretty cool. I can go to the Sonific website and select any song to be played in the tiny Sonific player in the sidebar. I don’t think that most of these artists are really “famous”, but there are some really cool songs – especially when you are in the mood to listen to something fresh. Check it out! 🙂

Oh another thing- It also mentions who the “Post Author” is in the comments section. For example- if I am the author, then a small blue colored tab saying “Post Author” is displayed next to my profile pic in the comments section.


15 thoughts on “New Theme: Fadtastic

  1. I love this theme for the neatly arranged columns and comments section.The best thing as you said is the Blogroll at the bottom,absolutely wonderful!

    But the same problem as with many of the other things,no customizable headers 😦

    I like this theme though.I’d say you keep it.I personally don’t like Sonific a lot just because it doesn’t have the right collection of songs.But yea,the song that’s playing on your blog sounds nice.I’d not keep Sonific because it makes a blog seem kinda unprofessional.I want people to concentrate on what I’ve written 😛

  2. Ish,

    You are right about Sonific I think. I guess I’ll make the music optional. It does make the blog look a little unprofessional! Thanks for your input about the layout. I wish this one had customizable headers 😦 Anyway, I will stick to this one for sometime.

    Hey Adam!

    Nice to see you here! Long time,yes. How are you doing? My semester got over and I have some time on my hands. So I guess I will be around for sometime at least 🙂

  3. one wide screen, this theme sucks. it happened with some other wp themes as well. on laptop it looks good,
    from my office flat\wide screen, it blows up. so does this one

  4. Parmanu,

    I wasn’t aware that it gets distorted on the comp..hmm.. I have only viewed it on my laptop till now. I liked the wide screen though- gives me the feeling of utilizing all the space available!

    I guess I will have to change it if it gets screwed on the desktop. Any suggestion guys? I would still like to use a 3 column thing.

  5. Sha says:

    The only two things about this I don’t really like about this theme is the comments box is on the top of the comments and when you type it goes over the text on the other two columns.

    Otherwise it would be perfect..

  6. Oh you’ve shifted to Tarski now.It’s sweet but I think it’ll take some time into adjusting with the widgets.Yay! it’s got a customised header! I don’t think it screws up anymore.

    P.S.-I love the tagline-Views,perceptions,reflections.Did you start using it now or was it that I had missed it? It’s superb in any case!

  7. parmanu says:

    this is a good theme, didnt check on wide screen, but even for laptop i like it better.
    although vertical space between end of post and comments is too wide, at least for this post. minor issue may be.

    btw, why did ruhi come back. we want cotton. ruhi is annoying. (just kidding, actually both are!)

  8. Sha- Thankoo!!

    Ish- Yeah, the tagline was always there! I guess the earlier themes never displayed it..that must have been the case. Glad that this one is pretty much okay! (Rests in peace).

    “why did ruhi come back. we want cotton. ruhi is annoying. (just kidding, actually both are!)”

    Good!! I have a multiple personality disorder! One day I am Ruhi and the other day I am Cotton. Depends upon my mood. But yes, both of them are equally annoying to keep the fun alive!

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