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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Thank you Ish for letting us know the name of the much awaited 7th book in the Harry Potter Series!

As Ish mentions, you can play a game on Rowling’s website to discover the name. Here is a screenshot from J.K. Rowling’s website:

I am a little disappointed with the title. I was hoping for something darker! Anyway, I am sure that the book will be awesome 🙂 Don’t forget to get a copy by the way.

Wikipedia has a nice list that sums up all the mysteries that will be revealed in this book. So, instead of racking my brains to come up with something, I have pasted everything from there:

  • Harry returns to the home of his non-magical (Muggle) relatives, the Dursleys, during the summer. The magical protection which Albus Dumbledore arranged, that requires Harry to have a home with his surviving family, is set to expire on Harry’s 17th birthday July 31.
  • There is expected to be a continuing relationship between Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter, even though Harry told Ginny in the last chapter of the sixth book that he “can’t be involved with her anymore” and that they have “got to stop seeing each other” and that they “can’t be together,” because he’s “got things to do alone now”. [HP6]
  • Harry stated in the sixth book that he does not intend to complete his final year, but that doesn’t mean he might not make an appearance on Hogwarts grounds at some point during the story.
  • Hogwarts is expected to have a new head teacher or headmaster, as the previous headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, was killed in book six. Minerva McGonagall is the most likely, as she served as deputy headmistress under Dumbledore, and because she seems to have inherited the office from Dumbledore. Additionally, when Dumbledore was removed from office in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it was McGonagall who took over as Headmistress.
  • If Hogwarts is re-opened, then a new Head Boy and Head Girl will be appointed.
  • If Harry returns to Hogwarts, it will be his seventh and final year. However, at the end of Book 6, Harry stated that he would not return even if Hogwarts were to re-open. Ron and Hermione said that they would leave Hogwarts as well, to help Harry fight Voldemort. Should Hogwarts reopen, Harry and his classmates would be expected to complete their final N.E.W.T. exams.
  • The quest to identify, locate, and destroy Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes will continue. The remaining Horcruxes must be destroyed before Voldemort can be successfully conquered.
  • There is no suggestion in the prophecy that Harry will prevail over Lord Voldemort; at this time it is unknown. More of the things that happened on the night this prophecy was made will be revealed, and that most probably play a very important point in the survival of Harry or Voldemort.
  • Book seven is expected to identify the mysterious R.A.B., who claimed to have stolen one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes with the intent to destroy it, while replacing it with a fake that was recovered by Harry and Dumbledore. In an interview, J. K. Rowling said that Regulus Black was “a fine guess” for R.A.B.’s identity. [5]
  • The true and final loyalties of Severus Snape will be revealed, with an explanation of Dumbledore’s death at the hands of Snape, and in Snape’s reporting of the prophecy about Harry Potter to Voldemort. A confrontation between Snape and Harry is expected.
  • Kreacher, the former Black Family house elf which passed to Harry’s ownership with the death of Sirius Black, may make an appearance. Rowling told the filmmakers of Order of the Phoenix to include the character in the movie, because he is “very important.” [6]
  • The reason why Lord Voldemort believes that Harry Potter (rather than Neville Longbottom) fulfills the prophecy of Sybill Trelawney will be revealed. According to Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort did so for a reason that only he knows.
  • In the third book, Wormtail incurred a debt to Harry when Harry saved Wormtail’s life. Wormtail has not yet had the opportunity to discharge this debt. (page 459, Bloomsbury pocket edition)(Page 375, Scholastic Press edition). On that very night, Dumbledore said to a sceptical Harry that he would one day be glad that he had saved the life of Voldemort’s servant.
  • Rowling stated on her web site that there is something “significant—even crucial” about the answer to the question of why Dumbledore had James Potter’s Invisibility Cloak. [7]
  • More will become known about Harry’s scar.
  • Also, this book will explain why some people can become ghosts while others cannot[citation needed]. One of the important characters will appear as a ghost in this book [citation needed]. (This may have already been answered, at least to a certain degree, in Order of the Phoenix Chapter 38, where Nearly Headless Nick explains that wizards who are afraid of death often return as ghosts.)

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34 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  1. Sk,

    Firstly, why would I delete your comment?

    Secondly, Potter is not even 17, forget about being 18! I don’t remember anything about him coming out of a “closet” though. Maybe you could share with us what you read about it in the yet to be released volume since you already know that he came out of the closet. Maybe Rowling sent you a personal copy?

    Oh btw, somehow, I never get a ping when you comment on my blog. Do you have any kind of stealth setting?

  2. ““Firstly, why would I delete your comment?”
    I don’t know. You tell me.”

    I don’t know. You tell me.

    “Oh, and keep blogging… it’s fun to read your blog.”

    Thanks. Appreciate it. Keep visiting.

  3. OMG this is an awesome post.Go Wikipedia! I hadn’t thought there were so many things the next book was carrying.Let’s start making guesses to all those question!

    Also, this book will explain why some people can become ghosts while others cannot[citation needed]. One of the important characters will appear as a ghost in this book [citation needed]. (This may have already been answered, at least to a certain degree, in Order of the Phoenix Chapter 38, where Nearly Headless Nick explains that wizards who are afraid of death often return as ghosts.)

    I bet it’s gonna be Sirius! or maybe Dumbledore? No,Dumbledore won’t return.It WILL be Sirius! Also,it would be interesting to see what they do with Kreacher.

    I bet Harry will come back to Hogwarts atleast once! They would definately show him playing some Quidditch,it’s been ages since he last did.They just won’t ignore the game like that.

    I thought McGonagall could still teach while being the headmaster isn’t it? I’m sure they won’t let Snape in Hogwarts now,whatever he says.

    Regulus being R.A.B. sounds interesting.Never thought about him being such an important character.

  4. Yeah Ish, you are darn right about Sirius!!! He was the only one who was scared of dying.. Dumbledore wasn’t scared of dying..instead he begged Snape to kill him.

    I don’t know about Harry playing Quidditch though..but he should return to Hogwarts to take something related to the Horcruxes maybe?

    Snape won’t even stay at Hogwarts now..remember,, Dumble. is dead. He told the Death Eaters that he was at Hogwarts because he was spying for Voldemort by keeping a watch on Dumbledore. So…he has little reasons to be here. Plus, everybody saw him killing Dumbledore. They wouldn’t let him be in Hogwarts anymore. I think that Dumble. begged Snape to kill him so that he can finally win the trust of the death eaters and also prove to voldemort that he IS loyal to them. So, now he will go back to them and find out everything and later help Harry! Do you remember the last chapter where he never hurts Harry, instead tells him to learn enchantments without using his wand?? That was truly brilliant. I think he will return to help Harry finish off Voldemort!

    But..I think Harry will die too… it will be pretty unrealistic if he doesn’t die!

    “Regulus being R.A.B. sounds interesting.Never thought about him being such an important character.”

    I think that he is pretty remember sth about him was mentioned in the 5th book… he killed himself or sth…his part was underplayed intentionally!

  5. You’re right.That could be true,Dumbledore actually made Snape kill him so he could earn the Death Eaters’ confidence and help Harry in killing “Tom Marvolo Riddle”.Very well thought there.

    You’re right about Regulus too,which suddenly reminds me,we have a blog theme on WordPress called Regulus too!

    Harry has to die yeah,otherwise she’d have to continue writing because the readers won’t be convinced with the “he killed Voldemort and lived happily ever after with Ginny Weasely” You know what,I find Ginny very annoying! Harry going around with any girl seems fine but Ginny,uhh no please.Yeah and I believe Harry will have to scan Dumbledore’s office for more on Horcruxes.Damn we need the next book very soon,are you listening J.K. Rowling? If it takes you too long to write,then call us and dictate it and we’ll type it on the computer because we can type faster than most people can write! 😀

  6. “You know what,I find Ginny very annoying! Harry going around with any girl seems fine but Ginny,uhh no please.”

    Hahaha..what about Hermoine? Is she annoying too? pleaaaaaaaseee say YES!

    “If it takes you too long to write,then call us and dictate it and we’ll type it on the computer because we can type faster than most people can write! :D”

    Me toooo!! She is Brit btw. Still prefers her typewriter and pencil and paper!

  7. good stuff from Wikipedia about book 7. I’ve been trying to answer some of the “book 7 loose ends” from mugglenet in my own blog.

    Commenting on Regulus though, doesn’t it make sense that a (former) death eater would steal one of Voldemort’s horcruxes? I think the real question here is who was with RAB when it was stolen. Remember in HBP Dumbledore implied that it would take 2 people to do it.

  8. Patrick,

    You are right..I forgot about that part where Dumbledore says that 2 people were needed…But remember that Regulus died mysteriously? So it must be something to do with the Horcrux…guessing the second person will require lots of analysis though!

  9. Very intresting thoughts,
    I think RAB has to be a Death Eater because in the letter which was in the
    Horcrux he called Voldemort Dark Lord, and only Death Eaters call him so…

    I think that maybe Draco changes side…not really snape

    In which chapter does it say that it needs two to kill Voldemort?

    I don’t want Rowling let Harry die…I mean I know, his only sense of life is killing voldemort…
    and I want harry to kill snape

    (my english isn’t very good, but I hope you understand me)

  10. Right ruhi. Because it’s suspected that the locket at Grimmauld place is in fact the Horcrux locket, there’s a great suspicion that it was Kreacher who went with him to fetch it.

    and Sophie I think it will be Snape’s loyalty which is the first subplot theme of the last book. To me, it’s clear that he’s a double agent and that him killing Dumbledore was actually to protect Harry from everyone else that was present in that scene. (remember that Snape killed Dumbledore and then immediately barks at everyone “Out of here, quickly”).

    If even Malfoy could see that there were 2 brooms atop the tower, a greater wizard could easily discern not only that someone else was there, but that it was Harry. Surely Snape recognized this as well. Otherwise, why did Snape not kill Harry by Hagrid’s house — he could have easily done so, but instead he ordered everyone away saying that he “belonged to the Dark Lord”.

    There has to be some magical reason that Snape is protecting Harry; either something like an Unbreakable Vow, or perhaps his life-debt with James extends to Harry since James died.

  11. aj says:

    thank you for this dialogue, jk needs to work with great urgency.

    snape, definitely a double agent-saved his life several times. the disdain he has for harry could result from snape’s incredible sacrifice for the order which has yet to be fully appreciated. draco has potential to join harry, particularly considering he is fearless, brilliant, and dumbledore’s blind eye to draco throughout the six years reveals a keen interest in his future role in the events we’re so engrossed.

    do you really think harry will die? if he discovers all of the horcruxes why is it so unbelievable that he should die? i think many people “very close” to him will sacrfice themselves prior to the final battle for harry’s cause, the ending cannot be overly pleasing, and not necessarily result in harry’s death-jk is no merchant of death but rather a children’s writer.

  12. Sid says:

    This is sad because Im a harry/hermione shipper. I dontt beleive it is harry/ginny,especily ron/hermione. But at least harry has a good chance of killing voldemort.

  13. Sid says:

    This is sad because Im a harry/hermione shipper. I dont beleive it is harry/ginny,especily ron/hermione. But at least harry has a good chance of killing voldemort.

  14. mardy says:

    omg omg when they where cleaning out grimmauld place in the 5th book harry picked up a heavy locket that he couldnt open(nor could anyone else) and regulus black once lived at grimmauld place and the intials in the fake locket where R.A.B. weren’t they i think this is a horcrux who agrees with me???

  15. kate says:

    i reckon that harry will see surius again when he gets rid of the last horcurx and surius will sacrafice his last chance to live on earth to let harry live and i recko his scar will be the last horcrux

  16. chero says:

    Here is my thoughts, first of all i am a Harry Potter novice, I saw the first four movies and read the last two books so my knowledge is limited. On the the Dumble picture thing. People wonder why doesn’t harry talk to the picture when he enters Mcgonagals office. Its obvious that he his grieving from the death and to see Dumble sitting there sleeping surely he would wake him up and ask him what happened. I think the pictures are hollow, basically just the personallity of the person. If you lost a loved one in a sudden death and you went home and saw a moving picture of them living breathing and talking wouldn’t you be of some comfort? The fact is they would not be GONE. But for harry to see dumble picture on the wall in the new headmistresse’s office and not even bother to wake him up shows that harry know’s there is no point there is nothing really there.
    As far as Snape, he NEVER mentions once how Harry knew he had killed Dumble. Infact there was not alot of time to talk but Snape made a comment on how James Potter would only attack if it was four to 1. He also went on about not being called a coward. My point is that if Snape had no- idea Harry was standing there the whole time, when harry said ” why don’t you just kill me then, like you killed him you coward” instead of saying “Don’t call me a coward” the conversation would have been more like “Kill who?”” what do you know what I have done” If there were only death eater witnesses then Snape could still play both sides. Bottom line is when Harry says “kill me like you killed him” Snape knows full well harry witnessed it thats why he didn’t question him about the knowledge.
    So in the end, Snape is Good, I hate to admit it but its true

  17. Hey Does somebody in this nows any information about Harry Potter and the Sleepin Hallow but real information not false ones please put it in this website. i hope harry,ron and hermonie lifes without them it going to be very sad.

  18. Jade says:

    I just read a news update stating that a hacker has stolen the manuscript of TDH from a computer within bloomsbury! I was reading it, and then accidentaly read the information telling me what will happen in the end and who will die!!! I am so upset that they didnt put a spoiler warning or anything. I didnt want to read it…And now i could potentionally know the final outcome!

    What do you all think…Could it be real or do you reckon its a fake?

  19. Jade, really? where did you read it? I should run a google search and see. It might be true. If you remember, the last time when the Half Blood prince was released, then at that time, one of the bookstores started selling it before 12 am and a kind ended up reading it before anyone else could. So, I guess these things might always happen. Let me run a search and check what exactly you are referring to.

    Thank you for commenting 🙂

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  21. Haroldjames says:

    I think in the epiclong or whatever it is, Ron and Herimone will get married and so will Harry and Ginny.
    I also think the Harry will be the next DADA teacher along with Ron as the Tranfiguration teacher and Herimone as the House Elf studies Teacher.

  22. Haroldjames says:

    Don’t Believe the hacker bullstout he’s just out to ruin the book because his parents wouldn’t let him read any of the books….and even if what he says in his post is true well we still have the rest of the book to look forward to don’t we?

    What I Believe Will Happen
    RAB is Sirius’ Brother and Kreacher did help him but told their mother and that’s how Voldermort found out and killed him.

    I think Voldermort is the one that will come back as a ghost ( only wizards who are afraid of death often return as ghosts) not sirius because we all know he made a couple of thing called Horcruxes where as sirius only fear was losing Harry and his Soul via Dementors kiss.

    Dumbledor will tell harry to look in to the cabinet where he kept the pensieve and he’ll find a) The memory show harry why he trusted snape so much b) A little bit more about little voldy b) The Countercurses needed to break the curses around the remaining Horcruxes or c) All of thee above.

    If you like what was said in my little passages hit me up at

  23. Hi Harold! Thank you for your detailed comment. Well there is too much of speculation going on right now. I am sure there will be more on Sirius to come. Knowing JK Rowling, probably it will be something which we haven’t really expected. I think there will be quite a lot on the Dursleys too, esp. Lily’s sister. Plus, the locket. Who planted the locket? Was it really Sirius’ brother? That’s my best guess for now. Can’t wait for 7/21. I have already pre-ordered my book at Amazon.

  24. Haroldjames says:

    Yeah I’ve thought about everything you said in the passage above and i agree 100%…..but for the fine details we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  26. nia says:

    I loved Harry Potter and the dethly hollows. I though it was sad that Harry died and that he had to lisen to all these hourible sounds of crying expeshly Ron’s, Hermine’s and Ginny’s.

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