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Blogger Has Impressed Me a Hell Lot!

I was taking a look at the CSS edit feature at WordPress. Maybe I got it wrong, but it doesn’t really give us a whole lot of functionality. Plus, I would never pay money for it when someone else (Read: Google) lets me do it for FREE. So I reverted back to Blogger and decided to give it a minitest. Fortunately, Google has given me the privileges to switch to the New Blogger. Earlier, I used to have a blog there. Since I have deleted it, I had to make a new one now, which didn’t take more than 30 seconds I would say!

Anyway, Blogger has really improved. I am not really a very big Google fan. But I have to give them this! Gone are the earlier days when you have to manually type in every piece of link and other codes in the HTML template of the blog if you havd to make any kind of additions. They have now introduced cool tabs that do everything for you! Take a look:

So, even if you want to add any third party application or any piece of text -Just anything at all- choose the appropriate page element and let Blogger do everything for you. Adding everything in this new format is so much fun. I changed to WordPress mainly because I didn’t like going through the HTML code everytime I wanted to make any change. This new thing is so freaking awesome that I might just switch to Blogger, or at least, have another blog there.

Another cool feature is the drag and drop thing that we already have at WordPress. But this one is more flexible. You can decide precisely what goes where. Just drag and drop it! That’s it.

I decided to give you a snapshot of the first page of my blog. As you can see, it’s pretty new. I haven’t done anything there. I am still getting a feel of the new found freedom 🙂 See, there are small tabs in each section which will let you edit it at a single click.

So, is anybody convinced?! Oh, another thing. You can find truckloads of Blogger Themes at Blogskins for your blog. There are many other sites out there…search for yourself. But this one is the best. Add your own Shoutbox to let your friends leave you a message (that is, if they don’t have anything to comment upon). You can easily get a Shoutbox from various third party websites. There are lots of other things that you can add. If I go into that, this post will become pretty long. Probably I will write about it the next time.

Do let me know if any of you guys have tried out the new stuff and your general views about it.


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12 thoughts on “Blogger Has Impressed Me a Hell Lot!

  1. Blogger after coming out of the beta version has improved a hell lot.Firstly I’m loving the way how everything on the internet can be done with the help of a gmail ID cause it saves you the trouble of remembering usernames and passwords.

    Blogger has always had the template advantage over WordPress because a blogger template is completely customizable from head to toe and they’ve made editing easier with the new CSS features.The CSS features in WordPress are there just for the sake of being there,you can’t actually do anything about them unless you buy your blog.Also,I found out the difference between and just is like blogger but then,it’s not free.You download all the software required for hosting for free but then you need a good host which will definately cost you money.

    I’ve pretty much tried all the features of the new Blogger as I have 2 blogs in there too,one of them of course is a team blog and the template we have for it was partially designed on our own and is probably one of the best kidding! Editing the templates and having RSS widgets and stuff is much easier now.Another major benefit which you have on joining Blogger is the easy code for many features.For example,if you try putting Technorati or Digg tags in your WordPress posts,it takes ages but you just have to specify the code once in Blogger and you can have a nice completely customized sidebar

  2. parmanu says:

    i wud switch to blogger anyday if they wud give as detailed stats as wordpress. I know u cud use some third party to track ur stats, but thats not convinent.
    other than that, i think blogger was always better than wp in terms of looks.
    and now the new dashboard of wordpress totally sucks.. their themes are not consistent and their editor is just impossible to use.

  3. Thank God someone finally noticed!!

    Not really using Vista..but I am using a Vista Visual Style. I have installed some very cool Icon Packages too 🙂 Anybody wants to see my current desktop?

  4. Oh the Vista visual style yeah,I’ve seen that somewhere but somehow didn’t bother to pay much attention 😛

    I’m still stuck with the Zune theme.Yea,go on show your desktop.

    Did all that through Windowblinds didn’t you?

  5., I didn’t use Windowblinds. Actually I just downloaded the theme and that patch for the uxtheme.dll system32 file. Then I installed the theme by double clicking on it and going to Appearences tab and setting it up 🙂 I’ll put up the screenshots in the morning after I wake up 🙂 Too late here, need to get some sleep unfortunately.

  6. just a word of advice Worppress is much better when it comes to search engines I experimented with blogger since it was in beta the only advantage blogger has is the CSS and complete Template control rest all sucks

  7. New blogger rocks. Its much better than WP…Its now so easy to costumise your template with just adds on of page elements. You can do anything to design your blog. However, you only can use the availabe templates if you want new features. If you try to download other themes then blogger shifts to older version and then you have handle all CSS by your own. You can’t use page elements in those thems.

  8. Scribez,

    I do agree that WP is a better choice when it comes to search engines. Apart from this and the detailed Blog stats of WP, I didn’t see anything else that was not available at Blogger. Their new drag and drop Widgets with added functionality is awesome. I think even WP should be able to give us “Page Elements” of those types where we can put in more stuff.


    yeah blogger’s customization rocks!! 🙂

  9. I am really impressed with your writing talents and also with the format
    for your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?
    Anyway stay up the nice high quality writing, it’s uncommon to look a nice weblog like this one these days..

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