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10 Ways Of Knowing if You are a Blogaholic

I was surfing through the internet, wasting time as usual, when I came across this stuff. I can totally identify with this. So I thought that I would share ir with you guys!

1. Within a few minutes of publishing a post, you are already checking for new comments and your stats for traffic to your blog. You are extremely disappointed that nothing has changed so you check back again a few minutes later (just to be sure). Damn!

2. The last thing that you do before going to bed and kissing your soul mate goodnight is to check for any comments on your blog. Afterwards your mate reminds you that forgot to kiss him or her goodnight.

3. The first thing that you do when you get up in the morning (even before putting your socks on and making the coffee) is to see if there are any new comments since you last checked your blog the night before.

4. If you are away from your computer for more than a few minutes you find yourself suffering from symptoms of withdrawal. You are getting the shakes and your fingers start twitching nervously. You tell your doctor that you are worried you may be suffering from early-onset of parkinsons disease, but then you realize you have just been away from your blog too long and need a quick fix… and all is well again.

5. Your sense of reality becomes so distorted that you can no longer distinguish from the virtual and the real worlds. So much so that you find yourself putting more emphasis on developing your virtual relationships and neglecting your real world friends, your family, your job…

6. You are so into your blog that you forgot to pay the rent and your credit card bill, there’s no food in the fridge and the hydro has been turned off. But you don’t care because you have an external battery backup. And if that goes you have a generator rigged up. No worries.

7. When your computer is sick and in the shop you feel that you have no life. You mope around the house and have a craving for keyboarding that just won’t go away. So you call one of your real world friends that you have been neglecting and ask to borrow theirs. You promise to send them an email when you have the time.

8. Before leaving the house you make certain that you have your laptop, your PDA, your cell phone and an internet connection. A few minutes later you get a call from your spouse reminding you that you forgot her and the kids who are still standing at the door.

9. You complain the next day that you didn’t get enough sleep, but you have no compunction to staying up all night working on your template. How time flies.

10. You neglect yourself to the point you realize you haven’t yet showered, shaved or eaten. Nature is calling you to the bathroom but you put it off because you have to get all those thoughts down on your keyboard. Finally you’re finished and you run like hell to the bathroom only to find it is already occupied. Sigh! So you run right back to the ‘puter and thus continues the cycle.

If you find yourself relating to any of the above please get professional help immediately, and welcome to the club!



13 thoughts on “10 Ways Of Knowing if You are a Blogaholic

  1. I need help too. It is only after I do everything on internet that I attend to my daily chores (yes, that includes my morning restroom routine). Oh yes, then I am back to my laptop every 3 minutes!!

  2. parmanu says:

    oh i thought that was the entire blog about,
    “are u addicted to kissing ur soulmate”, isnt “blogging” a code name for that?

  3. parmanu says:


    “..while I thought it was a codename for sex..”
    oh no thats “google search”.

    “all that Parmanu can think about is kissing!”
    i just made single comment, you have entire post on kissing..!!

  4. Parmanu,
    ““all that Parmanu can think about is kissing!”
    i just made single comment, you have entire post on kissing..!!”

    WOW! In addition to ENG 101, you even need a pair of spectacles! You have started 2007 on a very positive note!! You are surely growing older (yes, inspite of all that partying…hehe)

  5. Manasvi says:

    hey..that was an interesting post.I know what that phase is like ‘cos I went through it when I started my blog..and I feel so bad that I haven’t posted anythin on it in ages..must get back to it soon! anyway,keep up ur bloggin!! 🙂

  6. Oh Madam IBM is too busy to update her blog 😛 Before this, Madam IBM was busy with something/someone else 😉 hota hai hota hai…koi baat nahi 😛

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