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Ice Storm blows away the Mid West

I am sure most of you (who are in the U.S) have been reading/watching/hearing news about it….my University has been closed until 01/21. Actually, I should have written this post earlier, but I got the inspiration to write it only now 🙂 What’s more, it’s not that my Birthday got ruined because some people didn’t wish me on my Birthday (yeah right, like I am still 12 and care about the number of people who remember it!), but because of this devastating ice storm by reason of which I could only go out for a dinner. The mobility of most of us has been seriously affected. I have been house locked since a week now, and it’s supposed to be pretty much like this until at least Sunday. About 90% of the houses here lost electricity. Luckily, I didn’t 🙂

I clicked some pictures yesterday…take a look. As you can see, in addition to fallen trees that have blocked most of the roads, there is still a lot of ice everywhere. You can only imagine then how it must have looked like last week Friday when this storm started. Oh yeah, and the temperature of course…it was about 9-10 F .bbbrrrrr!!

P.S – I know that the alignment of the pictures is distorted..I tried setting it correct a couple of times. I’ll do it later when I have the patience again!


4 thoughts on “Ice Storm blows away the Mid West

  1. parmanu says:

    i wonder who r those mean people who did not wish u on ur bday…
    sk being one…

    oh btw did u get the cake and roses i had sent…with

    “Happy Bday Ruhi” card…?.

  2. Sk,

    yep..I can drink now..thank you for the lovely observation.


    Thanks 🙂 I was hoping that someone would comment on my mediocre photography skills!


    I never told anyone 🙂


    “i wonder who r those mean people who did not wish u on ur bday…
    sk being one…”

    trust me..nobody important 😉

    Did get your bake, roses..card..brilliant..couldn’t expect for anything more!! thanks so much. so very thoughtful of you…hehe.

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