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Big Lady Shilpa Shetty

Okay, I admit. I have been taken into this whole hype too! I really didn’t want to do a post on this Big Brother fiasco. But I have some “thoughts” on it, which need an outlet. So you guys need to bear with me!!

I was watching the footage of a number of episodes last night. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that Jade was being “Racist” anywhere..I admit that she was very rude and quite a pig head in many instances, but racism is something different altogether. I didn’t see her calling Shilpa by a racist name even once. Just because she starts disliking Shilpa (who happens to be an Indian) doesn’t mean that she is racist!! The volume of media coverage that Shilpa Shetty is getting- is simply brilliant!

It’s not like Shilpa represents a common man on the streets on India. For God’s Sake, she is being paid Rs. 3 crore to enter into this competition. I was doing some Maths in my head before sleeping and this is what I think – I don’t think that she gets more than Rs. 1 crore (which is the upper limit for a middle tier actress like her) per film. So, if she is getting Rs. 3 crore for this stupid reality show, then she is one hell of a businesswoman! Mind you- she doesn’t need to invest 9 months or whatever on this show either- it will last only for a couple of weeks and she pockets such a huge amount. It is her choice to live with ordinary people in an ordinary way.

I don’t remember which episode was it where it is shown that she tells Jermaine that she is not used to being treated like this..that whenever she enters a room in India, everybody gets up and they address her as “Ma’am” or “Madam”! Obviously, this spoilt brat can’t digest the fact that her housemates are not giving her the princess treatment. To quite some extent, this ordinary treatment is scaring her!! She can be seen commenting that wherever she goes in India, people want to take her autograph and that she would be petrified if people stop recogniing her! Who the hell is she? Some female who is pretty and has 10,000 flop movies? How many of us actually care about her as an actress?

She says that she represents the country- Yeah right! With 3 servants, 3 chauffers, 1 hair dresser, 1 make up man, and one chaperone who goes with her on all her shoots!! Oh, and the bodyguard too 🙂 She is so precious, isn’t it?

Okay, let me shut up here and show you some footage. The first one is my favorite- The oxo cube fight. I think both Jade and Shilpa are behaving in a stupid manner. So what if Jade ate some extra cubes? What’s the big deal Shilpa lady? I don’t think that’s a reason for Shilpa to go and confront her housemates!! Not like the cubes had her name written on them.

NEXT ONE: Hindu Feng Shui???

My dear friends, since when has Hinduism started recommending Feng Shui?? Shetty girl keeps telling her housemates that she wants to sleep on a particular bed (that happens to belong to someone else) because it is a “Hindu Feng Shui” thing??! Brilliant! Now we have the whole world thinking this 🙂 Another thing, it’s not like she will die of a heart attack if she doesn’t sleep in a particular direction for a couple of days. Later, she tells her housemates that she will sleep on the floor. Now Shilpa, let me ask you one thing dear- Why did you create so much of nautanki if you so wanted to sleep on the floor? Come to my house..You can sleep on the carpet 😉

NEXT: Shilpa is the Dog?

This one is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Danielle calls Shilpa a dog!! Whoa! What can a reality TV show do to increase their ratings? The entire thing looks so set up!! By the way, I didn’t know that Shilpa is such a good actress 24/7. This should revive her sinking Bollywood career.

What kind of accent does Danielle have? That’s definitely not British! Cockney Irish mix? Just curious.

NEXT: Shilpa Says ” Yes, it is racist”

Someone please give me a stick. I feel like beating up this lady. I actually agree with Cleo here..don’t think it’s anything racist. The girls just don’t like Shilpa..nothing racist in there…


I know a lot of Indians are going to give me flak here for talking like this. But I think that this whole thing is stanged. Shilpa is a brilliant actress. Definitely deserves an Oscar now!!! Great Job.


7 thoughts on “Big Lady Shilpa Shetty

  1. parmanu says:

    this is one of the few occasions i agree with ruhi..!!

    first what beats me is who the F pays to watch a chick fight? why is that even a show?

    anyway, yes i think there are some rude exchanges but nothing like kramer outburst on stage..,
    hardly qualifies for racism…

    i loved the hindu feng shui part…what the hell was that…???

  2. Sam says:

    India has once again proved how much it can over-react – with media being in the front! Most people that I knew, talked of this event, without even knowing that this happened in a TV show and Shilpa was being paid so much to be part of it!

    And did u see what happened now? A complete U turn – Shilpa says, there was nothing racist at all and everything was just fine blah blah!!

  3. Parmanu,

    Thank you for agreeing with me for a it definitely makes me feel that I am right! I agree that people who think that this is racism should have seen that Kramer episode..!! ridiculous…

    I am sure people love watching stuff like this, because Big Brother is selling season passes to watch these people online 24*7 for 4.99 pounds….heights of craziness.


    thank you for your comments…even I think that most of the Indians are so ignorant about this whole issue. The funniest thing is that politicians are getting involved over this crap!!!

  4. ankit says:

    I dono how many indians will shout but, this sure would get u no of hits and comments! 🙂
    Thnx i saw the episodes at least..hehe

  5. shashi says:

    How can you say that this is not racism? Definitely this is racism (along with bullying)….Jade called shilpa as poppadom, paki and dog….also she said that shilpa has come from slums….all these words don;t you think racist?
    And her behaviour towards shilpa is so disgusting…I know shilpa has been paid huge amount but finally she is representing India on that show and not her. Any comment towards her will not limited to her but it will redirect towards nation.
    Anyway, Jade has admitted that she was rasist …Do you need any other proof?

  6. kerela boy says:

    the racisim suffered by shilpa shetty is milk toast compared to the racsim everyday lower skill workers like myslef and many other british born Indains and packistanies have to put up with it is milk and toast yet those woman were vile and pathligocal in there bullying they deserve all they get and yes there were racist to her I wounder how the lead blog is defining what is racist in the uk I would doubt its threw personal experiance of living in a bigoted country where you are an obvious minorty .the fact is racsim is rife in the uk if you have a brown skin you have to fight twice as hard to get an ince of what a large number of the white majorty take for granted
    MS Shetty shouldnt be insulted for being one of the indian elite after all she has worked hard to get where she is and you the masses chose to buy into that bollywood crap of nublsim and scarce represntation of working class life in India so if she wants to employ servents and what not and they wish to earn money let them alone
    she is a dignfied woman whom has class the kind you cant buy and is not the hideous sterotype of bratish and concented manner I would have expected a bollywood actress to be
    she is an indian woman in the best sense of the word and is a welcome contrast to the british born indian woman all agresion and self fulfillment
    please come to our country before been spitfull of the whole thing I agree there are biger problems in the world then that profitable pantomime of realty tv but the racsim that widly condoned by a loud and hypocritical magorty was one small blow for the little people(minorties) against the racist establshment which manny asains go along with so Ms Shetty should be thanked for inevertintly brining the problem to the front of the papers since however superfucilly it projected a minute amount of the crap we as second class citizens in all but legislation have to put up with
    I would advise you to come to the counrty then you would surly relise it not the land of plenty for manny that you have been shown in countless bollywood fluff
    I hope I’m lucky engough to be graced by an indian wife with the same gentle grace and inner strength as miss shetty
    god bless Kerela

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