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Cracking pdf passwords

I have been trying to open a couple of password protected pdf files. Does anybody know how I can open them? They are really important. Else, I will need to shell out $150 …which of course, I don’t want to.

So, please please please, if you are reading this post and know how to crack pdf passwords, please leave me a comment!! I will really appreciate your help 🙂


19 thoughts on “Cracking pdf passwords

  1. Ohh do you mean to somehow open them with the Acrobat Reader?

    I’ll ask my neighbour who’s done an ethical hacking course,luckily for you he’s in here right now.He’s been off to the US for studies.

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  4. yk says:

    I remember running to this problem last year. I used another PDF viewer intead of Acrobat and it bypass the password. download GSVIEW and Ghostgum.

  5. bclow says:

    For $99 you can remove the “owner” and “user” passwords – it does a brute force attack. Kinda sucks to shell out that much, but if it’s that important, then it’s probably worth $99.

    With VeryPDF listed above, you have to know the “user” and/or “owner” passwords, once you know the passwords it can remove them. Not exactly the result most of us are after!

  6. iceman says:

    Thanks a lot, you save my ass, thanks once again :)))))) 10x 10x 10x I am happy, you make me so happy. I want to know this, thanks again.

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