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Want to Hear A Small Story?

Dear (left-over) Readers:

I am sorry for being absent for so long. To be frank, I did have news to blog about, but didn’t have the time or energy. Not that I have any important “news” to share now. Since the number of eye-balls have hit an all-time low, it won’t harm my blog if I put up a silly story now, will it?

So, here it goes:

SORRY- This story doesn’t exist anymore. You have clicked on the wrong link!


6 thoughts on “Want to Hear A Small Story?

  1. tismarkhan says:

    wow..someone is back…!!
    and that too with a strong response post…

    I hardly understand any of these…but good to comment again on this blog!

    I still say msft can be at top if and only if they start making potato chips …,

  2. Sk,

    How does your joke relate to my post? We are talking about Microsoft here 🙂

    Your comments were never deleted. Moreover, Parmanu won’t be able to do anything on my blog.

  3. “…By the way, parmanu, do something. My comments here keep getting deleted, especially when they have something to do with sarcasm….”

    “..Parmanu won’t be able to do anything on my blog….”

    Ruhi…that was merely a sarcasm used by sk to make a point on sarcasm…i have no idea what the point was and what the point is, but there is lot of sarcasm going around…

    btw, is that smiley in ur comment is a real smiley or sarcastic smiley in response to a post on sarcastic comment on our sarcastic blog,

    for the records…i never use smileys…

  4. Ahhhh I didn’t know you were back. Welcome back!

    I’m really tempted to check out the Beedi post but there’s no time. Will check it out later.

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