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The Indian Perspective

I was holding off writing a post on the VT massacre, mainly because I am still upset about it and don’t want to write about it on my blog. Anyway, there was a bomb scare in my university today in the morning. One of the buildings was evacuated and some quick action was taken by the police to arrest the person who was responsible for it. Nothing happened. In fact, I was trying to judge th efficiency of the whole process. The whole thing apparently started at about 7:48 am and we received a notification only at around 9:28 am. So, can the President of VT be blamed for not emailing for 2 hours? Can my President be blamed? I don’tknow. Unless you are reall involved in the process, probably we will never know how long it takes to communicate. I can’t really compare a death shooting with a bomb scare. Probably the President of my school would have shut down the Univ. in case such a thing happened. I am trying not to take sides here…because I am not in a position to judge.

 On a side note, is email really the best way to communicate? I think not. I never checked my email before leaving home. In fact, one of my co-workers told me about it as soon as I stepped into my office. So, what could be the best method of communicating? Automated calls to cell phones? What if I were taking a shower and missed the automated message?  A text message too? What about those who don’t own a cell phone or don’t have an internet connection at home or both? I do know some people who have neither. God save them!

I came across this interesting post that supposedly talks about “perspectives”. I really didn’t agree with the way the author talks about the Indian perspective. He says:

Hmm. It happened in a university. A place where there are many Indians. I wonder if any Indians died in the shooting.

They say the shooter was Asian. Could he be…..Indian? I hope not.

It appears that he was on an F1 visa. I bet the anti-immigration lobby seizes this opportunity to badmouth immigration and immigrants.

So he was Korean. Are Americans smart enough to know the difference between India and Korea?

I wonder how that Chinese-looking guy in my gym feels about all this. I wonder if people look at him differently wherever he goes now. God, I am sure glad the shooter wasn’t Indian.

I really feel sad for all the Indians who died.

Since when have I started thinking about only Indians who died? This is ridiculous. It’s kind of a nationalist/racist comment. Call it whatever you may. But humans are humans irrespective of their nationality. I never thought about the only two Indians who died! And of course Americans are smart enough to see the difference between Koreans and Indians. This so-called “perspective” carries a very narrow view point and what is more shocking are the comments where readers say that the post was very well written! @#@#^&&%^^!!


2 thoughts on “The Indian Perspective

  1. tismarkhan says:

    i disagree with it as well…but when u r making such perspectives, stereotyping just goes with it..

    so it may not be “well written” per se, but that is unfortunately indeed perspective of some…

    do u know ndtv or star news, aired a story next day of shooting with headlines..

    “..2 Indians killed in VT shootings, how safe are Indian students in US univs?…” and then they interviewed few aspiring students to ask if they wud still want to go….

    doesnt sound too different to me than the “perspective” mentioned up there…

  2. Rajesh says:

    Well…tismarkhan is right. Stereotyping goes with Perspectives. Yes, we do live in a globalised world & part of the human race but still when we are talking abt perspectives it’s basically a case of ‘us & them’. So i guess these things do matter. We shouldn’t think abt ‘only two Indians who died!’ but when a bomb explodes in any other country other countries do issue ‘travel warnings’ & warns their citizens from not going there, right?

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