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A New Blog

I haven’t really been an active blogger since the past couple of months. Blame it on my CFA Exam. Now that the Exam is over, I am facing a new problem- Finding a Job! I will be graduating in December 2007; so, I am a little worried right now and have started making my Job Portfolio and other stuff. Anyway, this post is to inform all my readers that I have started a new blog. This blog will mostly be about Finance, Business in general and my progress on my job search. So, no Bollywood, no Hollywood and no more of that nice stuff. However, I have re-posted some threads from here. So, if you see any repetition, which you will, then don’t be surprised.

I also registered for a domain under my name yesterday and currently looking around for some good web hosting. I saw some free web hosting services, but wasn’t very impressed. Ish, if you are reading this post, please let me know what service you used for your DeadEnd blog. Thanks!

I will try to post here too. This being my first blog, will always remain close to my heart. But any time you miss me, feel free to take a peek at the other blog. You can add it to you Blogroll too 😉 And if you REALLY like my Portfolio, don’t hesistate in contacting me to help me get a job! (This is called shameless promotion).


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