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Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra Get Engaged

Really?! WOW!

Hindustan Times reports:

After the much-hyped shaadi of Ash-Abhi, it’s time for another celeb wedding — Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra. The duo had a hush-hush engagement on Monday and is planning to tie the knot soon.

According to a source close to the family, “The roka took place at the same Chopra bungalow where Chandni was shot. Around 60 people (family and friends) attended the ceremony that included Rani’s parents Ram and Krishna Mukherjee, brother Raja and his wife. Present from the Chopra clan were brother Uday, dad Yash Chopra and mum Pamela Chopra.”

Jugal Hansraj (Uday’s close pal), Anupam and Kirron Kher also attended the ceremony. Adds our source, “Rani wore a maroon saari with silver embroidery and Aditya wore a kurta-pyjama, both designed by designer Pallavi Jaikishan. Pam aunty didn’t seem very happy, as she has a soft corner for Adi’s ex-wife, Payal. Another function will take place at Rani’s house next week.”

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30 thoughts on “Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra Get Engaged

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  5. Ouch! I seriously wonder what went into Rani Mukerjee. I thought she was really pretty and all and Aditya Chopra looks like such a jerk. Bleah.

  6. kittu says:

    Hey Rani,

    What happened to u?whats wrong with u? why u r breaking home of another women.we are not expecting such things from u.we always thought that u r very matured & home oriented girl. how can u do like this?.u didn’t get anyone who is single.don’t do like this? u still have time in your hand ,stop all these nonsense.

    Kisi aur ke dukho pe khushi ke mehel mahi khade karte.Pachatana padta hai.

    if u do this then u never get true lovc in life.person who is already married& first marrige is also love marrige.then how u trust that person that he loves u?u r not his first love,pplease understand this difference.

  7. I read the first three comments following this post, and could not go any further. (note, I have no issues with the second comment, though).

    I think it is high time people become more sensitized to the very emotion of love, rather than just treating celebrities like market-items 24x7x(365.25).

    I mean, seriously, people, get a life! You are asking Rani Mukherjee what is wrong with her to have chosen whoever she did, or whoever she loved?
    I ask you, dear frivolous commentators, what is wrong with YOU? Have you never experienced the beauty of love to degrade any human the way you are doing? Forget the fact whether or not they are celebrities!

    Who are you, or rather we, or much rather who is anyone to judge anyone else’s love? Just because these people entertain you with movies does not give you a birth right to interfere and pry on their personal lives.

    It is because of such frivolousness in ideologies and attitudes, that India is stuck up its development process.

    Please, people. Become a bit more sensitive towards other people. And stop treating celebrities like some aliens!!!

  8. @kittu, I understand your sentiments, but aren’t you over-dramatizing this whole thing? And do you really think that Rani Mukherjee will read this blog and care about what you have to think… 🙂 Sorry, this sounds harsh, but I guess it’s true.

    @narziss, thank you for dropping by and spending the time to comment 🙂 I agree with your viewpoint. If this were to happen in an ordinary person’s life, nobody would care. And this is how we should treat celebrities also.

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  10. gulbahar fan no.1 says:

    rani is my best actress and i am the fane of her but i realize that she is now mad when she will get merry with him.

  11. TINA says:

    Any actress in the film industry are high class bitches. They sleep with thousands to make their way up. Being able to get married is a luck to grab. Even if they have to snatch someone else’s husband!!!!!! Why not Rani then?

  12. mariam says:

    oh go what happened to u people? why u give urselves
    the right to judge other s personal lives ?
    well it s not of ur busniss it s her life and
    not bcus u love her and she is ur best actress
    u have the right to interfer into her life and
    say whatever u like abt the one she shud marry
    i think she ll marry who ever whe loves and
    what u say will make any defferences in her life ok

  13. Sadeck says:

    Its good to share ones opinion, but its not good in trying to pass ones opinion onto other people. kittu, did you say “first marrige is also love marrige”? People make mistakes, and people learn from them. Who are we to judge? Surely we cannot elevate our simple souls to that of “God’s”! Falling in love is a magical experience that happens between two people and it is God who allows it to happen! Love doesn’t question why? It just happens. Anyone who differs with that hasn’t fallen in love yet!

  14. shadz says:

    i am really disappointed why would u go after a married man who is like 10 years older than u or more that is disgusting i fink rani made a wrong descion i ken she not gonna read this but its ook to pass on ur views even adityas we brother uday was betterfor her at least he doesny look like a old man like his big brother who is a freak i dunny care if ppl dunny agree with me cause this is ma view and a man who left his first wife can leave his second wife and marry someone else it could happen but who cares cause it will up to rani to face that if it happens i just wanted to pss my view on so ppl if u dunny like ma comment i am sorry.

  15. Nancy says:

    shut the hell up people
    why do u care whoever she’s getting married too.
    just mind ur own busineess

    luv you rani
    don’t listen to these people they are dum and idiots.

  16. Hi Everyone

    I dont live in India but I do know that if you are a Rani Mukerji fan then you should just appreciate her career and her tremendous acting abilities… NOT judge her or think you have the right to be opinionative or be vulgar!
    As for stealing Aditya and breaking up a marriage- what nonsense!! … You cant break something thats already broken and you cant ‘steal’ a person from someone. They fell in love. Plain and simple. So get a life people, even f this ruins her fan base, at least she has happinness and no one can ever replace the Queen. Deal with it!!!!!!!!

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  18. send me again back

  19. rini says:

    best of luck rani.i think one should go with wat his/her heart feels.if u think dat aditya chopra is the person u love and u r quite confident about this dat he will keep u happy den your decision of getting married to him is absolutely right.

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