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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Leaked Version

**This is just a fan fiction. If you want the real one, then go to this post*** 

For those of you who are interested, the newly released leaked version can be downloaded from here. It’s a pdf file and 659 pages long. I took a look at the first few pages and no more. Big waste of time according to me. The last word should be “scar”, according to JK Rowling. What surprises me is that there are tons of people out there who have enough time to write an entire manuscript, even though they know that their version will have to compete with any other fan versions. Of course, there is no way that they can compete with the real one. So, I am not even going to make that comparison.

Quite an achievement, in my opinion.

UPDATE: Harry Potter’s Ending Revealed, Black Family Tree and Much More about Harry Potter

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29 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Leaked Version

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  2. wait for the couple of days.. i always believe official copy (which u have already pre-ordered) are better than the leaked/pirated ones

  3. Those couple of days are SO long … 28 days 😦 July will be the HP month. First the movie on 07/13 and then the book on 07/21 🙂 Will have some nice fun. The last time the book was released, I got it early in the morning and read it day and night.

  4. right. This isn’t really a leak per se. The author is melindaleo in this well-socialized version and she posted the original of her work on her website with the title The Seventh Horcrux. In the PDF that someone created, they slapped the cover art from the real book on it, but the text is identical. If you look at the end of chapter 5, it has an author’s note which is the biggest giveaway.

    I think it’s bad logic to look to the end for the word scar. JKR said the story would end with that word, but that there would likely be an epilogue, so that would rule out the shuffle-to-the-last-page-and-look-for-a-word technique.

    How would you end the story? That’s what people care about.

  5. Patrick, I haven’t yet read the leaked version. Since you are saying that Ch. 5 has the biggest giveaway, I’ll read it. Your logic about the last word ‘scar’ makes sense too.

    well bloomberg is of the opinion that it is possible for someone to break through the computer system and retrieve a copy. So, you never know. This version might *closely* resemble the real one.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  7. kaushik says:

    the fake one wus enjoyable but somethin made it look different from the original….but ….truly enjoyed readin it ..good plot

  8. Jade The Orkkiller says:

    Let me remind you that “scar” is not the last word, Rowling said that herself in this American talkshow I quote: ‘Scar was first the last word, but it is not anymore, it’s near the end but not the last word.’

  9. victor says:

    IF anyone has those PDF Versions…press control+F and search for “chapter six”

  10. me says:

    people please….all of these spoilers are fake…I’ve seen a 659 pg one, a 759 pg one, a 500 page one….

    many websites clearly state the book is 784 pages long

  11. This copy is no way real. The writing styl at the end (the only bit i read!!) is no way JKR,
    so dnt bother its a waste of time.

  12. maria says:

    harry potter is very good story i have ever read,but unfortunately i have not read harry potter and the deathly hallows.please tell me what will happen.pleaseee

  13. bkwrmtothebone says:

    i just wanted to check out the leaked version, and the link for some reason wont open on my laptop.
    so i was wondering if any of you could mail it to me?
    Thank you.

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