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Twitter or Jaiku or Pownce…Whatever!

I don’t really care about any of them. Twitter was launched a year ago. It’s a site where you go about telling people what you are currently up to. The other services (Jaiku and Pownce) are Twitter’s siblings. So, Twitter is the simplest out of all 3 and Jaiku might have more functionality, and Pownce might go even further by letting you exchange files and events with your friends (which Twitter doesn’t let you do). TechCrunch gives you a nice comparison between the newly launched Pownce and Twitter. Yeah, Robert Scoble doesn’t stop talking about Twitter in any of his posts. Hell yeah, he is one of the Top 20 Most Followed People on Twitter Directory (which is really slow and sucks big time). So what? Does’t matter to me.

Does this change the fact that Facebook lets you do all of this anyway? So why should I, as a non-existent-non-important-just-another-girl-living-next-door want to sign up for it? I am not a big fan of Facebook either, but I do believe that if I already have a membership at one social networking site (read: Facebook) that will let me update my status or exchange files (which is Pownce’s marketing tool) or provide RSS feeds or send private messages to some chosen friends, then why not just use it instead of signing up for every website out there?

So all the status updates on Twitter are public, but on Pownce, you can choose who gets to see your status. It still doesn’t pass my “So what?” test. Facebook does it too. You can set the level of visibility that you want.

LinkedIn is good in that it’s business networking and there is no other network that lets you do that. Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce…all just seem like a big headache to me.

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