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The Black Family Tree and many other facts about Harry Potter

I came across this awesome website yesterday, called Harry Potter Lexicon. The amount of information that they have regarding EVERY single character and the family trees, the detailed timeline, is simpy brilliant. What can I say? There is more than what meets the eye when you read Harry Potter. For any casual reader, whatever given in the book is it. But I never knew that JK Rowling has such details worked out for everything. For example, did you know that Molly Weasley’s maiden name was Prewett? There is a lot of information to read and re-read and I found out all this only after going over lots of stuff in this lexicon.

There is a detailed Family tree for the Blacks in the Lexicon:

If you take a look the Family motto on top, it says “Toujors Pur”, which means “always pure”. Sirius Black had his own problems with this Family Motto and decided to run away later and started staying with James Potter’s parents. So, as you can see, he spot on the family tree has been reduced to a hole (No. 6). Also, No. 7 is for Andromeda (mother to Nymphadora Tonks) because she married a Muggle. Andromeda was Sirius Black’s favorite cousin. So, this would mean that Nymphadora Tonks and Draco Malfoy are cousins. Quite interesting. Also, Molly Weasley and Arthur Weasley are both related to Sirius Black distantly. If you see, there is Ignatius Prewett (husband of Lucretia Black) in the family tree, and must be closely related to the Molly’s father (the older generation). So, Molly and Sirius are cousins by marriage.  Also, take a look at No. 4- Cedrella, who married “Septimus Weasley”. Acc. to hp-lexicon,

Arthur is “something like” Sirius’s second cousin once removed. This describes a relationship where one person’s great-great grandparent is the same person as the other person’s great grand-parent. Therefore, Septimus Weasley is Arthur’s father. Septimus’s children would indeed Sirius’s second cousins once removed. Assuming the Black family tree Jo auctioned is complete, this relationship fits the facts and can be explained no other way.

The Timeline:

The website has contructed an extensive timeline starting from 1000 B.C to explain the events in the Wizarding and the Muggle World. Reading some of these timelines will definitely help you recollect the series in which the events took place. This is difficult to do if you just read the books, because there is so much of information to be digested. There is an excellent timeline for Lord Voldermort’s life (I never knew that JK Rowling pronounces it as VOL-duh-MOR). They are still updating it for Book 6.

On the main page, you can click on each Book Cover and read the excerpts as well as some user notes that explore each scene in details (with cross-references). There is a big search engine where you can look up any character you want to. This will be a very useful feature because there are so many characters and when I sit to read a book, I don’t remember who he/she was and end up just missing the whole scene. So, with the help of the search engine, you should be able to get a better idea regarding what Jo is trying to tell ya!

Also, I discovered that Book 7- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- is 784 pages long!Whee! 🙂 Which means, more pages to read.

Leaky Cauldron has a good summary of the plots that will be revealed/events which will or will not take place in Book 7, if you want to take a look. In one of my previous posts, I had also stated some plots that will be there in Book 7.

I think from here on, I will be doing posts only on Harry Potter until the book is released. 😛 So watch out this space for more.

By the way, Andrea has a nice series going on in her blog about the HP series. She is taking great pains at summarizing the books for you. 🙂 So, you can take a look at that.

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