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Movie: 12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men grippingly portrays what happens in a Jury Room when 12 men, from different backgrounds try to reach an unanimous verdict to convict an 18 year old boy, who has been accused of his father’s murder. At the start, out of 12, there is just one jury person, Henry Fonda, who is not very sure if the accused is guilty. They feel that the facts couldn’t have been clearer and the case is as good as decided. The jury feels that it can reach a verdict in five minutes. What was supposed to be a done and decided case turns out to be complicated. The entire movie takes place in a single Jury Room, but I didn’t get bored or lost even once. Henry Fonda is brilliant as the guy who isn’t sure about the facts of the case.

Apart from the plot, what I really liked was the fact that it tells you to be a responsible person when you are called for jury duty and think twice before making your decision. Of course, this might sound corny, but when you watch the movie, you can actually see that the jurors are making wrong decisions because of all kinds of issues. There is one who wants to catch the next ball game and is in a hurry. There is another who is convinced in his mind that the boy is guilty because the man’s son was mean to him anyway and feels that all such sons should be convicted. He doesn’t say so, but at the end, we realize that this is what was his real reason for convicting the boy. It’s weird how our reasoning gets clouded by personal apprehensions even though we don’t realize it.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here:

I would recommend this movie to all of you who really want to watch a movie that focuses on the jury men for a change and not the lawyers or the accused.


5 thoughts on “Movie: 12 Angry Men

  1. Brilliant brilliant film! I was blown away the first time I watched it.

    I was talking to a colleague about it recently. Apparently, it was remade into a Hindi film as well. Dont know which though…

  2. @presti,

    Yeah it was brilliant. I just saw it sometime back. Bollywood doesn’t even surprise me anymore. All they can do is re-make other movies.

  3. “Ek ruka hua faisla ” is one of my favourite movie..I didnt knew that it was picked up from Hollywood…btwn when was this hollywood film released?

    I feel..that it was worth to make it in Hindi..At that time ..the world was not a global village..a good idea shud reach ppl barring language..So dont target our hindi filmmakers…other wise i wud have missed the film 🙂

    You can very well say that to current generation of movie makers..

    Anyway..suberb movie ….

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