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Deathly Hallows- Lots of Leaks Surface – *Real* Leak

The Guardian has an article on JK Rowling’s agent. Towards the end of the article, there are a couple of lines from Chapter One, Book Seven, which might be real. I recognize Rowling’s writing style. Looks very real to me. We’ll need to wait until next Saturday to confirm it however.

***********************SPOILER WARNING********************

The Deathly Hallows: a sneak preview In a trailer for the forthcoming ITV documentary, A Year in the Life… J K Rowling, the camera lingers long enough on a printed manuscript of the novel, dated 23 October 2006, to make the opening visible to the eagle eyed. It reads:

‘Chapter One. The Dark Lord Ascending. The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. For a second they stood quite still, wands pointing at each other’s chests: then, recognising each other, they stowed their wands beneath their cloaks and set off, side by side, in the same direction.

“News?”, asked the taller of the two.

“The best,” replied Snape.’

UPDATE: I found lots of links that I have reason to believe are true. Most of these pictures are scans of the real book, which have appeared in many stores for distribution. PLEASE click on any link at your own discretion, because it might spoil your fun later.

Chapter Names: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

Somewhere in the Book: Link (Thanks iForget!)

Epiloguep. 753 p. 754-55 p. 756-57 p. 758-59

Wiki Link (I don’t think this is real though)

Yeah, looks like the last word is not ‘scar’.

UPDATE 1: Chapter One Page One!! (Once again, thank you iForget)

This link gives a normal copy of the book. (Thanks diggy!)

Link for the pdf version (Updated! Working again)

Complete Book can be downloaded from here and here and here.The latter is a torrent link for the pdf file. You can also check the comments section and see if those links work. I will try to update this post as much as I can.

By the way, I don’t know if any of these links are real or not…waiting till Saturday might be a reasonable thing to do. I’ll probably take them at face value and might not even read the whole thing. They are in the image format and really strain your eyes.

UPDATE: My new reasons for believing that it’s a FAKE!


DISCLAIMER: All links point towards external websites. I have only assimilated all the public links on this blog and do not encourage any leaking. I am not responsible for these scans. They are not my work and I’m not responsible for the content of these links.


153 thoughts on “Deathly Hallows- Lots of Leaks Surface – *Real* Leak

  1. @nino, Yeah I agree 🙂 Well I just realized that the link “Chapter links…” doesn’t work. It has the scans of the chapter names and small bulleted details of some chapters, but it didn’t reveal anything explicitly. I guess the publishers found the link and removed it.

  2. nino says:

    yes, was wondering about that. but i found the page scans great. i posted them on my blog. hope you don’t mind. thanks again. 😉

  3. @nino, sure I don’t 🙂 I found the scans of the chapter names somewhere else and have put them up. You can take a look. Somewhat gives a hint what “Deathly Hallows” is all about. In the earlier link, it said that it has something to do with three brothers and some object.

    Thanks for stopping by. Btw, what’s your blog url?

  4. @iforget, yeah I noticed that too. Maybe 784 pages includes loads of extra pages in the front and back including the illustrations and dedications? I dunno!

  5. Kyle says:

    Since when has JK Rowling used “yards” when describing distance? If they were looking at her own writing, she would have very well been using meters.

  6. @Kyle, I think we do use the phrase ‘ a couple of yards away’ instead of ‘ a couple of meters away’. Nobody would play such a costly joke…getting their own fiction bound and printed to closely resemble the Scholastic Version of the text.

  7. @iforget, you are welcome. I reply most of the times a comment is made. Yes, these are all speculations…might still be fake. You never know. I haven’t read any of the fan fictions, but this one seems to be really close to the real thing. Esp. because it’s not in .pdf format and shows the real book right there. The earlier website link also had some key points from each chapter, without giving out any explicit details. So, I guess this is the work of one of the employees.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Appreciate it 🙂

  8. @iForget, Yeah this is my blog and I’m the admin. 🙂 I got the pics while surfing through They have lots of stuff that you can browse through. I saw a link for watching Order of the Phoenix movie online too. So, in case you are interested, you can run a search at digg.

    yeah, I realized the typo and changed it everywhere. I’ll add the link to your game site. You have LOADS of games there! Unfortunately, I don’t play any. Anyway, Good job 🙂

  9. Kyle says:

    The pages seem unnaturally long and thin. Or at least I vaguely had that impression when reading the chapter titles. Every other book has started with 8 titles on the first page and 9 on each subsequent page. This one has 9 on the first page and 10 on each of the others.

  10. @kyle, yeah you’re correct. They do look quite thin, I agree, esp. for a hardback.

    [Every other book has started with 8 titles on the first page and 9 on each subsequent page. This one has 9 on the first page and 10 on each of the others.]

    Wow! That’s some astute observation 🙂 You are a true HP fan!

  11. mikejones says:

    you guys its fake the book is not 759 pages its 784 and the uk versuion is 608 dunno bout the chapter titles but the EPILOGUE IS FAKE

  12. Sorry… but i think that Chapter names & Epilogue are totally fake… It’s certainly not JK’s writing style…

    Seems to me that someone went to a great length to print the cover… the chapter & the epilogue & then take pictures of them….


  13. Yeah, Albus Severus sure sounds funny…but seriously, the scans look SO REAL. This is the best sutff that’s been released so far…


    [Seems to me that someone went to a great length to print the cover… the chapter & the epilogue & then take pictures of them….]

    Yeah, well if it’s not real, then whoever did it is quite mad.

  14. Talena says:

    it’s not that hard to do this. you just take a picture of an old book and use photoshop skills.

    it’s the worst written thing i’ve ever seen. i mean, i’d bet money it’s fake.

    PLUS, i will repeat. the book is 784 pages. this ends at 759. enough said.

  15. @talena, I guess your talk makes sense. The pages number does seem a little odd. Plus, I wonder if Rowling would really keep Ron, Hermione and Harry alive…I think someone among the Trio should die, irrespective of the fact whether Voldemort gets killed or not.

  16. OMG , it’s real enough.. And that stupid os called hacker can screw himself. VOldy , kills Hermy , Snape kills Hagrid.. damn , fake leak. It appears that Snape was one of the gud guys from this…

  17. @phampants, please do not just leave a link to your post. If you have something to add, you are welcome to do so. I am removing the link to your post, sorry.

  18. @iforgot, Holy CRap!!! Now that’s real for sure 😛 Where are the rest of the pages? Thank you for the link, I’ll add it to the post.

  19. KLW says:

    I just discovered your blog and love it so far. But I am making myself wait on reading this post. I’ve waited this long for Book Seven, I think I can resist the spoilers for a few more days!

    I look forward to reading more!

  20. @KLW, I know what you mean. I have only read some of the pages and will wait until Saturday to read the book properly.

    @PrimalMX, no idea. Are you already done with the first half?

  21. PrimalMX says:

    lol. no

    Its just not worth reading it now if its not the full thing.

    I’d be tempted to split it up and work with a bunch of people to type out the full thing.

  22. Yeah, some of the pages can’t be read at all due to the lighting. I have a strange feeling that the entire book will be leaked before Saturday. I wonder what I’ll do with my new pre-ordered book. Probably decorate it on the shelf.

  23. HP Fan says:

    Hate to burst your bubble, but the link to “somewhere in the book” is fake. As a graphic designer, I am quite adept at recognizing fonts. HP books are printed in Adobe Garamond. This “scan” is in Times New Roman. Obviously, this is a photoshop job!

  24. @HP Fan, Have you read the book till p. 495? I don’t know about the “Somewhere in the Book” bit. Even if that’s fake, I don’t think the other link (which has almost half the book) is fake.

  25. Anyone confirm about the half book leak? says:

    How do we know for sure about the half book leak? Anyone want to help me out..?

  26. Anyone confirm about the half book leak? says:

    All I have to say is that if half the book is out for real, the other half is sure to follow THEN I will read it. For now, just pages and chapter titles are just more teases 😦

  27. password is goatse says:

    Be careful though, theres alot of fakes and virus’s ect. So scan it and all, let us know what you think.

  28. Pip says:

    Looks legit, and is scanning clear according to symantec. Some of the pages are blurry as hell, so I may hold off and choose to live. My wife is a HUGE potter-geek, and from what she’s read of me about Ms Rowlings, I would not put it past her to be the source of the fake leaks. Adds to the hype without ruining anything for people who care.

  29. password is goatse says:

    The internet is going wild right now, its a pretty sight to see. Anyway we will find out by the end of the night or tomorrow if this stuff is fake, news travels fast. Thanks for scanning it.

  30. Samantha says:

    I started reading the leaked 495 pages and up until chapter six I thought it was the real deal, but now I’ve become skeptical. There are A LOT of inconsistencies and things that just don’t make sense, not to mention it doesn’t feel like JK’s style. If this is the real book I’m going to be majorly disappointed.

  31. yeah i actually really liked this. it took away a lot of fears cuz on a message board on mugglenet this arsehole started saying all these characters died cuz they read the book and everyone got upset. knowing this one lived i thought died takes away my worries- though i wont believe anything untill the very end ofcourse.(aka saturday)

  32. Pretty sure says:

    Im about 95% sure its the real deal, its been confirmed by alot of people, many people think it stemmed from a library copy.

  33. Well I have no idea where this stuff came from…got the links from the web and put them up here. I have read about a hundred pages till now and it does seem very real to me. The second half also seems to have been done by the same person who did the first half. Even though I haven’t yet reached the second half, I’m pretty sure it might be the same deal.

  34. Pip says:

    That wiki thing about ron pissed me off! If this is real the death are sad but appropriate and for most part not as shocking as HBP. Parts of this make me want so desperately for it to be real. The new Headmaster! AWESOME!

    We will see saturday. Media blackout at my house starts at 6pm Friday! (we lsiten to NPR and I don’t trust the BBC. They did not let me down with HBP, but still….. 😉 )

  35. @Pip, I don’t think that wiki thing is true…the Epilogue, which I think is REAL, shows that everyone is alive. I would hate it if Ron were to die 😦

  36. hmm says:

    I can only hope a desperate fan is feverishly typing out every single word of these photos to put in an easy to read file. I hope he keeps the font.. Until then I will have to wait..

  37. almasy87 says:

    I’d like to point out that there are no inconsitencies with the pages numbers here.

    Half-Blood Prince was announced to have 672 pages (USA). The books ends on page 652. If you add up the front and back of every other page in the book that is not numbered from 1-652, you get 20. 652+20 = 672.

    Deathly Hallows has been announced to have 784 pages. However, controversy has since arisen due to the supposed leaked copy ending on page 759. Applying the same principle, all of the non-numbered pages add up to 25. 759+25=784. Problem solved.

  38. MrFigg says:

    With regards to the “leaked” pages…….the Epilogue is horribly written…… and how can Ron be killed by Lestrange AND end up in the Epilogue……Why would you name your son “Albus Serevus Potter”………uggh!

    I think it’s all an elaborate scheme!

  39. @iforget, thank you for confirming that 🙂 Yes, I have pre-ordered my copy on Amazon. Nothing like reading it in the old, traditional form. Did you finish reading this one?

  40. g00ch says:

    A guy on is working on typing up everything from the photos into an easy to read e-book with a group of people. He said the typed version will be about sometime thursday… So if you really can’t wait but want an easy to read version keep your eye out for the torrent on pirate bay.

  41. Woah! Soooo many comments! The entire earth seems to have gone crazy about Potter, and why not?

    I will download the book, but I will wait till Saturday so my friend gets it and then I’ll compare a few chapters with him. If it turns out to be real, I will go ahead and read it until my friend lends me the real thing. Thanks a lot for the message, I would never have realized if you hadn’t left a comment. Potter’s giving you loads of hits, I noticed.

  42. And sheesh, there are soo many links in the comments too. I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe. This is tough!

  43. @ish, I have put up some links in the post (Check Update 3). Just use those and download the book. All the links in the comments section are working too. I am moderating this thread round the clock. And I’m sure this is the real book 🙂 Really good read.

  44. @sam, you can use a simple image viewer like Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and just use Zoom In. That’s what I am doing. Hope this helps.

  45. Kabu says:

    I can’t find a full book link that works anymore, and I don’t know what program to use to open a torrentz file. HELP!

  46. Cortez says:

    Well, no doubt that’s a real leak. I don’t think that there are so determined fans who make this with photoshop or print a fanfic in a bookform. It’s too real for that. Altough, there are articles that “admit” that is a leak. So, that”s it. BtW the book is quite good, I’ve just read the 18th chapter and it is awesome. Altough the epilogue is quite bad 😦

  47. Hmmm… I have to say that based on the pics, I think we can safely say that the pics are off the ‘real deal’… The cover prints look authentic and so does the drawings inside…

    I’ve got my hands on two fan fiction pieces, and I was reading a 240-odd page one (in MS Word) which was really good and would have made Rowling very proud herself.

    I read bout 25% of it, and the story was very very well written, with very consistent references to the overall series. For one day I thought I was reading the real deal until I came across this page here. The title and content of the first chapter is totally different from the pics posted, so I would have to say that I’ve actually downloaded a rather good piece of fan-fiction.

    Since then I’ve stopped reading it, but it really did perk my day up 😛

  48. bengt says:

    hey diggy… can you post that rapidshare link to other sites.. coz i would have to wait for 338 minutes before i can download that file..


  49. I caught this today on MSNBC, I’ll put the link below –
    “The London Telegraph reported last month that British publisher Bloomsbury had spent 10 million pounds (about $24.6 million U.S.) mounting a security operation that included an army of guards, satellite tracking systems and draconian legal contracts aimed at preventing the book from being leaked.” craaaaazy!

  50. sam says:

    I meant guess the security wasnt that good if someone was able to leak the entire book, of course the copy is not perfectly legible, but still.

  51. g00ch says:

    I read the first chapter, fantastic. Can’t wait for the rest of the book. Hopefully a full text version is put out soon, thanks for the efforts everyone.

  52. Pip says:

    A “lone gunman” for lack of a better term can always penetrate defenses enough to cause trouble if not real damage. That security was for shipments from the printer to the distribution centers and possibly from there to the individual stores. It was not located in every store/local DC/library that touched the boxes containing the books. I’ve learned a long time ago that anything can be stolen. And there are people who relish in the challenge/skill of stealing. This was far too tempting a target. That’s why I looked at the spoilers willingly. I want control. Hopefully, my wife won’t have it ruined for her. I respect her view of wanting to be surprised, I just wasn’t going to get my hopes up and have some jerk ruin it for me. Like here: Be warned the page has 2 posts on it so far, both are currently safe for viewing, but I make no promises. So what if I know the destination, Rowlings is such a quality writer that the journey is far better than the destination. That is why even she was sad the story is ending.

  53. @Pip, Exactly my thoughts. When the photocopies came out, then I was lured into reading the first couple of pages. My friend who was reading with me couldn’t stop reading and this got me excited too. So I ended up reading the whole thing. Anyway, like you said, the journey is far better than the destination. I couldn’t agree more. I felt quite sad last night when I realized that this is the end, knowing what happens to each character and also knowing that they don’t even exist in real life. 😦 I’ll probably re-read the book again, when I get the hardback and would want to re-read the entire series once more, now that I know the pieces of the puzzle.

    I don’t think this is a *spoiler*. It’s a *leak*. We can choose not to download it and wait until Saturday. Like you said, “I want control”. Yeah, Saturday is the day chosen by publishers and the author. If I can get it now, then why wait till Saturday?

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  56. noscire says:

    ruhi and sleedlessnights,

    can we have the link to the full text version (not photos) of chapter 11 of HP and the Deathly Hallows?

    I was able to get the first 10 chapters.

    Thanks in advance.

  57. sam says:

    I meant the rest of the typed version (someone was nice enough to type of the photos of the pages). It was just chapters 1-10, what about the rest.

  58. g00ch says:

    Rest of the typed version isn’t quite out yet I don’t believe. Its a bit late in the game anyway, but for those who don’t want to buy the novel I suppose..

  59. @phampants, From your posts, I have learned one thing- Your blog post titles are very misleading! This post title gives me the impression that you will be talking about the spoilers, but instead you go on to study your blog traffic. Sure, it’s a good way to increase blog traffic. When I put up this post, I had no idea that so many people would be interested. Yes, it did help me increase my blog stats. But that’s not my aim. I’m not making money based on the traffic anyway. I care for quality discussions only.

  60. hideto says:

    some of you say that it would be too far-fetched for a fan doing this kind of job with the complete book and binding and stuff,but what about this being a grand scheme from rowling herself,letting someone write this,put it in the original cover and done!! something to keep the fans puzzling for a couple of days, ’cause i’ve read some of it (chapter 1-10 in pdf typed) and at some points,it just felt completely different,and with lots of inconsistency’s ,so until saturday i will seriously be in doubt wether this is the real deal or not.

  61. hideto says:

    indeed,for a fanfiction it’s quite well written ,but nowhere near Rowlings standards,lets hop that this is just one of the biggest pranks in writing history ever.:P

  62. @hideto and sanordy, I hope you guys are right…this leaked version is a major hoax for publicity. If it turns out to be true, I’ll never never read another HP.

  63. ss says:

    I dont think this is real because
    1) The deaths are described poorly
    2) There is swearing, I dont remember harry swearing or using the phrase “What the —-”
    3) Other stylistic things
    4) Its not that costly to make one book
    we will find out in 2 days if this is real

  64. Seems real enough to me. Read the whole thing. I kinda hope its not real just because it was to “nice” of an ending. No real deaths, no real destruction. Pretty sure it is real though. I was really hoping Harry, Ron, or Hermoine would die. Oh well. Not only that but alot of it was very similar to the fanfic that was titled “The Seventh Horcrux” like the location of the ravenclaw horcrux, the location of the fights, and the scene of potter with deceased friends/relatives

  65. Hey numbnuts and morons. Count up the blank pages on the scans that leaked and you’ll come to…784! Scholastic specifically said 784 was the TOTAL number of pages, including publisher/author information, dedication, etc. It’s the real thing. I’m saddened to see how our common gene pool could produce such low specimens of supposedly intelliget life as most of you who have posted.

  66. LadybugMScom says:

    Could anyone email me the real version? not the one where everyone gets married and hooks up? All the Links have been taken down… If anyone has it on their computer I would love for you to email it to me!!!

  67. swsu says:

    has anyone noticed that at the bottom right and left edges of the book in the photos there is what seems to be tape holding the paper cover onto the book, i don’t think most people tape covers onto a hardcover book…or do they? There is also tape at the top right edge of the book holding the cover on to the book. You can clearly see this tape i mentioned on the last photo which shows the side jacket covering part of the back of the book. There also looks to be somesort of plastic covering over the book cover. this plastic covering can also be seen on the last photo showing the side jacket over the back cover of the book because there is a visible line coming from the top to the bottom of the side cover down the middle of it. This plastic covering would explain why the tape is there and would also suggest that it may be a library book as libraries commonly wrap their book covers in plastic before taping wrapped covers onto the actual book. does anyone else see this? this looks legit

  68. @LadyBug, the link for the pdf version is there in the post…and it’s working.

    @swsu, yeah I noticed that. But I have kind of lost hope now…too tired to argue otherwise. If this is the best that Jo can do, then fine..whatever…I’ll pretend like I never waited for the 7th book. Such a let down.

  69. MrP says:

    If that one is really real I’d be disappointed.
    If it’s not real it’s prolly the best FanFic ever 😛
    But well.. look at the cover of the book and compare it with the story.
    Ron’s got the sword in his hand, then Nagini in that thing.
    The Deathly Hallows symbol..
    The Cover fits perfectly with the story.
    But still.. if thats everything JKR can do, then she should think about
    changing the job.

  70. bengt says:

    hey ruhi… is there a link for the text version of the remaining chapters?? i have only downloaded the chapters 1-10 thingy… thanks a lot

  71. bengt says:

    ruhi.. last request.. please.. :p

    i can’t download at rapidshare coz i have to wait 358 miniutes before i can download the file.. can you please upload the file to other sites (ex.

    pls.. thanks a lot…

  72. wickedwolf says:

    I hate JKR. The leak was real. After only 200 pages I am ready to burn the book. I’m glad it leaked she should be ashamed.

  73. wickedwolf says:

    eheh kccc

    actually the book got better. I don’t want to burn it anymore just most of the epilogue. I crossed out albus Severus and put in a new name, that helped.

  74. @kcccc and wickedwolf, I’m re-reading this thing now and also some of the theories being discussed at Leaky Lounge. Some of them make a lot of sense to me For instance- How did DD manage to defeat Grindelwald even though the latter had Elder Wand…or, what was the significance of Lily’s eyes. So, the plot is not as loose as I thought it to be. Maybe I’ll just take some more time to like this book.

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  76. Jeremy says:

    it was pretty good. except for the albus severus but who wouldnt name their son after the two people who saved their life? and the questions about snape and lilly were answered. all my questions were answered, except for what harry does as an adult for a living.

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  78. Wallace says:

    Who decides which books get press (Harry Potter) and which get censored? After all, censorship is becoming America’s favorite past-time. The US gov’t (and their corporate friends), already detain protesters, ban books like “America Deceived” from Amazon and Wikipedia, shut down Imus and fire 21-year tenured, BYU physics professor Steven Jones because he proved explosives, thermite in particular, took down the WTC buildings. Free Speech forever (especially for books).
    Last link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):

  79. ncats09 says:

    well, thanks Akra…i’ve finished reading it…i like the way it ended..but don’t like the epilogue much…

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  81. Hey, yo. Glad I came across the page however I know I’m not a member but i’m restriction to Gov access computers and i’m looking for a way to read the book since I can’t leave the facility to pick it up. I was hoping there was a way I can access it from my verizon mobile or if someone can slide the text version (Nothing i have to download because it’s restricted access) into a message and email it to my addy. If not, it’s cool too. I just thought I’d ask and see if it’s possible. Thanks.

  82. This design is wicked! You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost.

    ..HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than
    that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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