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Borders Employees Quit Their Job and Reveal Harry Potter Plot

These two employees quit their jobs. But before doing that, they gave all of us Potter fans a big treat. Please watch the following video at your own discretion. It contains plot details. I haven’t yet read the complete book, so haven’t watched it.

**Spoiler Warning**

Click here to watch the complete video.


22 thoughts on “Borders Employees Quit Their Job and Reveal Harry Potter Plot

  1. NotTheTruth says:

    They lie or are mistaken in the report. If you look at the epilogue JPGs, you’ll notice that Ginny is talking. So, when they say that Ginny dies, they’re wrong.

  2. Mike says:

    I believe the book is a very clever fake. It doesn’t sounds like JKR writing and the epilogue is ridiculous.

    I believe these two guys are correct, only because I’ve always thought Neville and Ginny were likely to die.

  3. @Mike, I don’t think the book is a fake. I am currently reading it. You can see the whole book binded and page after page. Even the pictures on top of the page. Whoever professes to be an expert at photoshop and says that it is a fake, will probably take back his words on Saturday. I haven’t yet watched the video, so I don’t know about that.

  4. Mike says:

    I guess we’ll find out Saturday night. If the book is legit, it will go down as the worst of the seven.

    I also noticed the video was removed from YouTube quickly (after only 20 views) due to a 3rd party copyright infringement.

  5. JKisQueen says:

    I’m currently reading the chapters (against my conscience, I might add- because it’s quite compelling). However, I do agree that all it is is a compelling story. I might be wrong but as I’ve devoured the other 6 books innumberable times, I can say that I don’t think this is the actual book JK wrote. A lot of the diction (word choice) really goes against typical British speak that JK employs. Also descriptions are not as vivd as they usually are. Seriously, compare the literature up against, say, Book 6. It just doesn’t read the same and she notes that Book 7 is just a continuation of Book 6- as if it was all one book. However, I am thoroughly intrigued by the story and am finding it hard to stop reading. If it is a fake, it’s a pretty good one. If it’s the real thing (I doubt it) then I really can’t wait to read the whole thing (I’ve only read about 5 chapters). The Epilogue is completely fake unless it really was written at the same time as the first book and never changed/edited.

  6. JKisQueen says:

    This sentence should be amended to say “If it’s the real thing (I doubt it) then I really can’t wait to read the entire real Deathly Hallows (I’ve only read about 5 chapters).”

  7. @JK, I am halfway through the book. Btw, if you are from UK, then you should note that this is the American Ed. and a number of words are different in the British and American Version.

    If this is not the real book, then I can say one thing- Whoever wrote it will be the next JK Rowling in making. I’m pretty sure this is the real deal. The imagination is as vivid as it can get, very much comparable to the earlier books. People who are saying that the style is different should give an example and say how it is different. Whoever wants to believe it can believe it. Others who don’t believe it can profess to be the only true readers of JK Rowling.

  8. @presti, haven’t you read Rowling’s criticism?! Haha..they are already comparing the series to LOTR and other Wizarding books. Even comics like Mandrake. Whatever they might say, Rowling is Rowling. Here literature might not win her a Booker or Pulitzer or whatever, but she is one of the greatest story tellers. I don’t care if her ideas are not original, her plot certainly is 🙂

  9. Well not really a die hard fan. But I do love her books. I agree, Book 5 was no great guns. I thought that Book 6 was pretty nice though.

    I think it would be unfair to compare Tolkien and Rowling, right? 🙂 Tolkien is brilliant and I’m sure Rowling drew some of her inspiration from him.

  10. Confession: I thought Book 3 was great. But I didn’t want to go back and read the previous ones and the thickness of the following ones prevented me from reading those as well.

    I’m OK with people drawing inspiration from others…I do too. 🙂

    I prefer less fantasy though.

    You should watch Pan’s Labyrinth if you haven’t already. The finest fantasy film I’ve seen.

  11. Presti, Book 3 is my favorite too 🙂 Her books have become bulkier as the series has progressed. I have been reading the leaked version on my laptop since yesterday, but still have another 150 pages to read.

    I have ordered Pan’s Labyrinth too 🙂 I want to watch it very much. Have you seen The Illusionist? Andrew Norton was awesome. Something to do with being an illusionist. Jessica Biel (sp?) wasn’t bad either.

  12. The Illusionist was well made but I saw it after I watched The Prestige. That was a great flick with great performances and a thoroughly intelligent script.

    There are similarities between the films but The Prestige IMO was better.

    BTW…its Edward Norton…not Andrew. 🙂

  13. “…They lie or are mistaken in the report. If you look at the epilogue JPGs, you’ll notice that Ginny is talking. So, when they say that Ginny dies, they’re wrong…”

    Just because Ginni is talking in one section doesn’t mean she dies.

  14. presti, Sorry, I think I am going a little mental currently. Please forgive that slip. 🙂

    Haven’t watched The Prestige. Let me dig it out. So, is it because of this love for fantasy and magic the reason for your screen name “Prestidigitator”? It’s a very nice screen name… 🙂

  15. A couple of years back, I picked up the word from a close friend. For some reason, I love that screen name though it sounds juvenile (and I’m ‘just’ 23!)…it basically means ‘trickster’. 🙂

  16. @presti, no, I don’t think it sounds juvenile 🙂 Even if it does, then good. It’s good to remain a child at heart. (I’m ‘just’ 23 too!).

  17. Sean says:

    Enough talking! Someone tell me if this video is real or not! Tell me it’s not because I seriously think it’s real! It’s a wonderful ending but I’m angry it’s been potentially spoilt! 😦 😦 Do the ISBN numbers match?

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